Things I don’t like

  • The feeling of pink erasers
  • Washing dishes
  • When people start a sentence with “Don’t get mad, but…”
  • The fact that avocado is so damn expensive
  • Cold, dark winters
  • Anything that’s crooked. (There’s an outlet in my bathroom that’s on the wall crooked and it drives me bonkers every time I look at it)
  • People who don’t know how to navigate traffic circles. THERE’S A SYSTEM FOR A REASON, RACHEL.
  • When regular people leave their hair curly and it looks damn good, and I leave my hair curly and it just looks like I didn’t brush my hair
  • Why do razors cost so much money?
  • When you’re trying to talk to someone and they’re on their phone. “Okay, Rachel, I can see this conversation means a lot to you so I’m just going to go”
  • No, wait, when people don’t BCC emails and then people reply all
  • People who don’t understand personal space
  • When I say that I’m going to write blog posts about important topics like sad-fishing and pretty privilege and then three months goes buy and I’m making a list of things that annoy me and I realize that I never wrote those posts
  • Using nicknames in public that shouldn’t be used in public. I used to work in an office that had a married couple that the boss specifically situated on opposite ends of the office to keep away from one another. Anyway, she referred to her husband as ‘Sugar Dick’, in work settings. It’s really not cool to call your husband ‘Sugar Dick’ in a work email. Had I been her manager, I would’ve shut that shit down real fast. You can call your husband whatever you want at home, but at work, his name is Mike. Just Mike.


Sometimes it just feels real good to get things off your chest.

35 thoughts on “Things I don’t like

  1. I can’t help you with any of the others, but for the “There’s an outlet in my bathroom that’s on the wall crooked and it drives me bonkers every time I look at it”, grab some masking tape, line it up around the outlet so that the tape is square, then fill in the gap between crooked sections and tape with more masking tape. Now use a felt pen, whiteboard marker in a colour that matches the outlet and work it over the tape.
    Now, whenever you look at that spot, the tape will make it seem square and soon you’ll forget it’s an issue.

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  2. “When regular people leave their hair curly and it looks damn good, and I leave my hair curly and it just looks like I didn’t brush my hair”

    I totally get you! I’ve given up on washing my hair now because it wrecks it. The curliness afterwards is nonsensical. Now I have an actual caveman style which is at least a consistent style.

    “When people start a sentence with “Don’t get mad, but…”

    This also fills me with primal childhood-flashbacks terror. Or telling me something nice when something bad is obviously about to come. Just rip the plaster off in one go, come on!! The insult is worse than the news.

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  3. Ya, crooked stuff bugs me too. I shared with a friend briefly and he was a slob, so I kept tidying and putting things straight then he would come in and deliberately mess it all up again. Needless to say we couldn’t live together!

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      1. That tidy people CANNOT cohabitate with messy people in any circumstances. It’s the one thing I love and admire about armed forces. There’s an objective reason tidy is better! And yes, men are messy. MOST people are messy whichever gender, but probably men more. I literally trust no one to be tidy 😭


    1. Do people leave their wipers on after the rain ends? Can’t say that’s a problem around here…? Though we only have two types of weather – snow and forest fire smoke. I sense it might be weird hearing wipers with no moisture underneath them…


  4. Hahaha sugar dick??? What in the F?? 🤣🤣

    The cc’ing thing annoys me.. Also annoys me when In the email ppl realize I’m no longer needed for the convo and continue to cc me.. Or when ppl reply all just to say “thanks”… I didn’t need that email 😒🤣

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  5. Question: do white erasers feel different than pink ones? Also, I would argue that some people understand personal space, they just hug you because you hate it so much lol

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  6. Sounds like you have a vendetta against people called Rachel and Mike…? 😉 Haha, I’m playing with you. I’d also add that I highly dislike the sound of rubber, which is so grating to my ears. Never liked it as a kid, never liked it now!


    1. Rachel is what I call things/people I dislike.

      Mike was actually his name. His wife’s name was Danielle. Really deplorable people all around. The sugar dick story was probably the least awful/awkward of things those two put our office in the middle of.

      And yes for your comment about rubber. Its just….euck

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