Monday Deliveries

We’re celebrating a milestone at work and this is the best surprise delivery I’ve ever gotten. Look at how good this looks!!!

A really easy way to make me happy is to give/bring me food. I’m easy to please in that sense.

This is top notch.

17 thoughts on “Monday Deliveries

  1. How nice, just the right kind of thing. My ex-employer decided to do something nice for Thanksgiving one year and ordered for everyone (300 or so!) no, not turkeys, baked hams. Someone had overlooked the rather significant number of Jewish staff we had, never mind anyone who was Moslem. It went down like a lead balloon! And then they had the nerve to say we were ungrateful.

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      1. Presunably the ham was to be taken home for the family (who didn’t have to work) to enjoy while you were getting your balls busted by the travelling public. It was a farce. I am veg so I used to donate the ham or whatever it was to my maintenance man. It was generous of the airline but middle management was a bit clueless!

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