To state the obvious

Lots going on in the world right now. I am entranced with the Pandora papers and will likely spend my entire Thanksgiving weekend reviewing that. But, I wanted to point out an obvious takeaway from yesterday. Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp were all down for just over eight hours.

While I was getting really annoyed about how everyone and their dog was seemingly complaining about not having access to Instagram, I thought to myself, ‘this seems so much worse to people because of the trend that so many people use Instagram, and solely Instagram, for promotion of their business’.

So, my advice to the world, if you weren’t already doing such, DIVERSIFY.

Don’t put all your stupid eggs into the Instagram basket.

Don’t rely solely on an Instgram feed to promote yourself, or your book, MLM, art, fashion, photography or whatever else it is you share online. Why? Because when Instagram goes down, IT GOES DOWN.

The Communications directors for Facebook/Instagram actually had to take to Twitter to announce the outage and that it was being worked on. Yeah, how bout them apples?

An amazing website is a great resource you can give yourself. But beyond that, it’s always a smart idea to diversify your social media portfolio if you’re a creative sharing your work, or running a main business/side hustle. When something goes down, and it will go down, you’re not losing an entire’s day worth of promotion. And you’re definitely not losing out on potential revenue.

To state the obvious, a business should never exist solely on Instagram. Or on any single platform.

Oh, also, if you rely on Whatsapp to communicate necessary messaging to someone (yesterday there was a teacher on the news who was complaining that she couldn’t communicate with students), you should always have a backup plan. Again, you should never be reliant on one platform for a means of communicating. It’s not really that hard for a teacher to have had email addresses collected and send out a BCC listed note. Did she have the critical thinking skills necessary to collect email addresses? Guess not, considering how much she was bitching last night.

14 thoughts on “To state the obvious

  1. I have stopped using Facebook years ago
    Instagram is installed on my smartphone but I have force stopped it.
    WhatsApp is my primary source of communication with friends but have started to use Telegram app as well, which is nearly identical to WhatsApp.
    And I was sleeping soundly, with Wi-Fi turned off on my smartphone, when Facebook and his babies went down.

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  2. I honestly wish it went out for a longer period of time. I miss the pre social media days where everyone was outside and just hanging out. We weren’t so obsessed with electronic devices such as the computer and our phones. smh I guess one can only reminisce these days.

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  3. Yes a lot of people were in a snit yesterday. Personally I was delighted to use a few extra minutes on something else. Not that I am a big user of FB but I go there to check in and sometimes I get hooked in to loitering. It just proves to me how well I can manage without. Anyone who puts all their eggs in one basket better like them scrambled!


  4. Oh, I have missed your blog! I took a massive internet sabbatical, but I’m back in business. When the outage happened yesterday, I was amazed by the sheer panic of some people. Yes, it was mildly annoying- but who cares?! It’s not like the entire interwebz were crippled.

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  5. πŸ˜‚Oh my god! I stayed late till 1 AM and mail the clients via email and communicate about this outage.. And I was like… 😳
    Here… I was churning through the whole Pandora papers the other day and now I am gonna depend on a nice podcast which will dive in deep..
    There are energy crises happening here and very often we are now facing electricity cut so there’s that…


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