Adventures await

When I really stop to think about it, the times when I’m most happy is when I’m exploring. No plans are necessary, I am just happy to go.

I love day trips, I love weekend trips, I love vacations, I just love leaving. The act of going somewhere, of leaving and knowing that I’ll be headed for somewhere I haven’t seen yet, or have seen and am excited to see again, that’s what makes me most happy in this world.

Being among the skyscrapers in a city where I couldn’t ever explore everything fills me with a sense of wonder and a desire to walk more, see more, and do more. Being among the trees, deep in the mountains, fills me with a sense of admiration for our world and how the most beautiful things on earth aren’t man-made. Being at the beach fills me with a sense of calm, listening to the waves crash the shore, watching the tides roll in and out and feeling like the universe is far greater then I could ever imagine.

I love it all. I love the great plains, the arctic tundra, the dense forests and biggest of cities. I’m lucky enough to have seen a lot of it, but there’s still so much more to see. I love ghost towns, oh ghost towns are so cool. Exploring is what fulfills me. Seeing how the other half lives – whether that’s 14 million people in a city, or the family of big horn sheep that taunt people are Radium Hot springs, it’s fascinating.

Speaking of big horn sheep, Radium Hot Springs is a tiny town in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Probably 100 years ago, the Hot Springs were discovered in the mountains and the tiny town was built around the hot springs, and eventually the local ski areas. The big horn sheep that are native to the area, instead of moving, basically said ‘Fuck you, humans. We were here first’. Anyways, they basically control the town. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them. There’s more big horn sheep in the town then there are people. They hold up traffic, they swim in the pool, they block the entrance to the grocery store when they’re bored. They just can’t be bothered to care about the humans around trying to live their lives. It’s quite an awesome little town to see because humans have failed so miserably at ‘controlling’ the area and are at the complete behest of these adorable, and scary, sheep.

Big Horn Sheep just living their best lives.

Being somewhere other than home, it makes me feel alive.

Here’s to hoping there’s more adventures in my future, sooner rather than later. Maybe even someone to come with me.

31 thoughts on “Adventures await

  1. Them there sheep sound baaaad aaaass.
    You’ve got to read that in a sheep accent – if that’s not cultural appropriation. πŸ₯Έ
    I’m in the Oregon high desert right now, feeding my inner explorer, so I know what you mean!

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  2. Canada is such an amazing country. Beautiful beyond description. I love that the Bighorns won’t move out! I’m glad you enjoy seeing new things. So meany people miss so much because they don’t even think to look.

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  3. I know of a Paris tour guide if you’re looking for one! 😻

    My friend walked out of her work building in the Rockies this morning. Head down staring at her phone. Almost walked into the side of a big horn sheep, looked up and realised she was surrounded by them. They have zero fucks to give.

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    1. Something tells me that by the time I get to Paris you’ll be charging more than I can afford.

      As for the big horns, they do have zero fucks to give. They’re definitely my spirit animal.


  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ those sheep. Best lives! Behhhst lives

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      1. They were supposed to be a solid block but I was pasting them in a small box on my phone and pasting line breaks so they’ve come out weird. See I wanted them to be like:


    1. By my perspective, there are two options.

      1) You work for a well established site as a consultant, getting paid to share your vacations. Essentially, you pay for the trip up front, and then depending on the quality of your content, have the ability to earn some (hopefully all) of that money back and then some.

      For this you have to be what society considers ‘conventionally attractive’ because society is vapid as fuck and honestly, my ugly ass would never get that job.

      2) You work for yourself, using your own site.

      For this you have to be what society considers ‘interesting’, because if you want people to pay attention you need to give them a reason to. My boring ass would never be able to sustain that. lolololol

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      1. Well… I’m not remotely attractive, much less anywhere close to β€œconventionally” attractive. My head’s way too big. Makes it hard to wear hats. And I’m definitely not that interesting. I’m sure if I were traveling I could find a lot of interesting things to write about the places I visit. But, personally… I’m about as exciting as watching grass grow and discovering you’re really looking at AstroTurf.

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      2. Not really, no. Travel blogging/vlogging/anything ogging is about storytelling.
        You can talk about a location until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re boring as hell, who wants to read that? If you’re just talking about a location, wikipedia already exists for that.

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  5. Adventures certainly do await! After over two years of no travel, I’ll be heading out this week for a much-needed trip. It’ll be domestic, but it’ll certainly be a change of scenery from my hometown. I hope you can go somewhere soon, even if it’s just nearby: you’re not far from Banff/Canadian Rockies, so that might be an option!

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  6. Same here. I love going out, I just can’t stop. It feels so exciting to be surprised upon seeing such gorgeous places or imaging how it feels to be a local in a certain area. I just arrived from Sweden after spending 3 months there and it was such great experience!


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