Travelling during a pandemic

Greetings from Toronto.

When I came back from my Vancouver trip, I promised myself that I was going to make an effort to travel the latter half of this year. The original plan was Toronto in October, Ottawa in November and Montreal in December. This plan skipped September because I had someone important I wanted to come and see me in September and I need to leave the window as wide open as possible for them to come. Anyways, the plan was October, November and December.

Now that I’m here, I don’t think I’m going to do November and December.

Travelling right now is hard.

As careful as I’m trying to be, people are not nice when they learn that I’ve travelled from Alberta. I’m looked at, and treated, like I’m a pariah. I’ve been trying to hide that, but it’s difficult because you have to show proof of vaccination here, so everywhere I go, they learn it anyways.

It was pouring rain in Toronto today. I wandered into a mall to see if I could find somewhere that was selling umbrellas and I was not fifty feet in a mall when a man stopped me and asked me why I was so warm. When I asked him what he was talking about, he said ‘You’re sweating’. I said ‘No, I’m not, it’s pouring rain outside’. His response was to tell me that I looked ill and I shouldn’t be out in public. Again, it was pouring rain and I didn’t have an umbrella. I told him ‘Thanks for being an asshole’ and walked away. The whole situation was very off-putting. I ended up just leaving the mall and continuing to wander around in the rain without an umbrella.

I don’t know.

I’ve always reverted back to Vancouver because I have two best friends that live there. I can stay at their houses, I can drive their cars. I can do as I please.

The point of this trip, and of November and December were to go places I haven’t spent time. Because I worked in sports for so long, I have contacts basically across North America, and, I guess, the world. I was going to ‘exploit’ those acquaintances/friendships for someone to take me sightseeing. My friend that I was coming to see here, she was like ‘Yeah, it’ll be amazing, I’ll take you here —– and here —- and here —-‘. So far we went to the hockey hall of fame. Which, was great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been a bit of a let down. And I’m realizing that its my own let down because she’s not one of my best friends. You know, my friends in Vancouver, I know they’d dedicate time for me when I visit, and I for some reason expected that here, even though we’re not nearly close to that same level of friendship. I don’t have a reason to be disappointed in her, though I want to be. It’s dumb.

But, if this is what I got in Toronto, I’m realizing I can’t expect much more from my friends/acquaintances in Ottawa and Montreal. So, perhaps I should wait to travel to these cities until I can bring someone with me?

I don’t know. Perhaps I should stick to Alberta until COVID is over. Which, at this rate, could be never. I’m definitely rethinking Ottawa and Montreal, though. Maybe I’ll just stay in my own city in November, and just rent a nice hotel room or something.

I shouldn’t be disappointed. But I am.

In other, completely unrelated news, someone reached out to me on LinkedIn and asked if I’d be willing to interview for a job at their company. So, I have a job interview next Friday. I asked him if he wanted my resume and he said no. Who knows, maybe this could be a new job for me?

42 thoughts on “Travelling during a pandemic

  1. “As careful as I’m trying to be, people are not nice when they learn that I’ve travelled from Alberta.”

    This is kind of ironic (in a good way) because initially you were very anxious about the virus and unnecessary trips etc. Of course now you and most people have had the vaccines etc, and some people are still anxious (which is fair enough), some people aren’t, but funny that now you are the one being seen as not anxious enough. The thing is, the reason for that anxiety those strangers showed isn’t rational. You are no more a covid risk than anybody else who lives there, and everyone’s mixing daily wherever they’re from within Canada. Personally I’m surprised, because I know that here in the UK we are long past shaming people for such trips WITHIN the country, and our situations are similar.

    As for the shopping mall guy, jeez, is he just some psycho preying on lone women to abuse? Who knows. What a nutcase, that would definitely put you off the whole thing!

    “My friend that I was coming to see here, she was like ‘Yeah, it’ll be amazing, I’ll take you here —– and here —- and here —-‘.”

    I think you’re having a similar issue as me here— you expect people to mean what they say, and you say what you mean. Honestly I can’t stand that kind of wishy-washiness. I have one long-term friend who’s like that whom I struggle to maintain a friendship with!

    Lone traveling definitely has its ups and downs, but is always a valuable experience I found. I met some amazing people who made me feel welcome through Couchsurfing— maybe you could try that, staying with women?

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    1. I think if I were from any other province, people wouldn’t really worry. When they see my Alberta vaxx, specifically, it’s what they take issue with. Alberta is seen as the piece of the country that’s holding the country back right now, because there’s so many people unvaxxed there, so many people in hospital, and so many people protesting still.

      And I do expect people to mean what they say and say what they mean. It sucks when they don’t. I can’t really be disappointed. But I also want to be. We haven’t seen each other since 2015. So I don’t know why I expected a lot. But at the same time, no one forced her to say yes to hanging out with me. It’s such a catch 22.

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      1. Half of all COVID cases in Canada are within the province of Alberta. Still. And there’s no signs of that slowing down because antivaxxers believe they should be able to go anywhere and do anything, and the government agreed because they made an editable proof of vaxx. Example: The province said if you’re unvaxxed you can’t eat in a restaurant, you have to eat on a patio. Then they made an editable proof of vaxx soooooooooo everyone can just do whatever the fuck they want.

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      2. 😆😆😆.

        I have a question about this though, because I’ve always been uncomfortable with the name ‘proof of vaccination’. Does it lock out people who can’t get vaccinated? For me a ‘covid pass’ which basically says yes or no and allows exemptions for people who can’t vaccinated makes much more sense. Otherwise I think it would create a lot of social harm.

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      3. People who have medical conditions or religious reasons why they cannot be vaccinated have to go to the doctor to get an exemption card. People who are just unvaccinated because they spread conspiracy theories and whatnot, they’re supposed to eat on patios instead of inside, for example. But apparently eating on patios isn’t good enough.


      4. They say it was “accidental” and that there was nothing they could do about it. But like… a second grader understands how to lock a pdf so… I don’t believe it was accidental

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      5. “The PDF is now as secure as it can be; however a motivated individual can edit the document to create a new record,” read the statement.

        What a contradiction. And it’s Alberta-specific with other provinces using QR codes, so even more of a lie!

        “When it comes to this type of technology … access to technology is really important as well. So you might have areas that have kind of connectivity issues. Individuals might not actually own smart phones. There is a segment of the population that that would prefer paper-based,” he said.”

        This is also showing a lack of understanding of the technology. Only the person scanning a paper QR code needs the phone! How stupid.


  2. There’s an asshole round every corner. I’m hardly the person to offer cheering words, but for one thing pouring rain is a downer (unless you’re in CA?) and people you aren’t really close to…you’re right, no need to be disappointed. On the other hand travelling right now is for sure a bummer. But, they say always be positive:) You got an interview….could be a good thing! If you don’t go travelling, I like the idea of a posh hotel….just pamper yourself and buy something nice. And the computer.

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    1. Oh, I’m way more frugal than a posh hotel. The hotel I’m in right now I got from Hotwire. $68 per night. But, I do like the way that you’re thinking. I need to buy something nice for myself for my birthday. I’m determined to make sure it’s a good one.

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  3. I’m sorry your trip isn’t as fun as you’d hoped for it to be. The stigma of coming from Alberta, along with not being close with your contacts, can make a big difference in how you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) your trip. I hope your trip in Toronto improves, and I’m sure there are wonderful places to check out within Alberta, should you choose to stick with it!

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  4. Sorry this trip isn’t working out like you’d hoped. And I think there’s a lot to be said for finding a decent hotel room near home just to have that feeling of getting away without necessarily getting away. A few years ago I kind of did that… I rented an Airbnb for a week right here at home and spent the week doing a bunch of things around town that I never take time to do… or make time to do. Saw a couple movies… Visited local museums… Enjoyed an actual hike on a trail I hadn’t been on since I was a kid. Gave staycation a new meaning.

    Good luck with the potential interview/job. The more I look for something else myself, the more I keep hoping the right person will stumble upon my resume somewhere online.

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    1. If you don’t have LinkedIn, make an account. I’ve met more people on LinkedIn willing to share secrets about internal hiring or those who fill positions without ever posting for them then you could ever imagine!

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  5. Congratulations on your job interview but.. I’m sorry to hear you were treated so poorly while traveling. None of what’s going on right now gives anyone the right to be rude, judgmental, or disrespectful.. but it’s a growing problem.
    I hope the actions of a few don’t discourage you from living your life to the fullest. 💕

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  6. Oh God! People are so weird everywhere.
    One of my aunts was wishing to visit my other aunt last month and the host aunt said…”pls. don’t come during this pandemic pls.” so we had a bitter atmosphere for the last whole month in the family. 🙆 People are being crazy and weird and they sometimes treat people…badly!
    I haven’t yet travelled during this pandemic yet… because I just don’t seem to trust people as of now..with health and hygiene mainly…but I am sightseeing in my own city on my own…booking hotel table on my own like always…:) But what I would say is that people and psychographics changes from City to city and person to person…so don’t let this experience define the experience ahead of you…

    ❣️❣️ But anyways… sending hugs Queen!

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  7. Oh hey! You’re in my neck of the woods! Sorry you had such a crumby day! That guy approaching you to tell you what he thinks was totally rude and uncalled for! Who does that! That would have pissed me right off too!

    Good luck with the interview! 🙂

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    1. Lucky bum! I really love this city.
      I wish I lived here. I love there is so much to see and so much to do and I could never do it all in three days. If you have any recommendations of things to see or places I should go, please recommend! I want.
      Thank you for the luck.

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      1. Oh goodness I feel so much pressure lol what if you hate what I suggest lol

        I just searched all things to do in Toronto that I’ve done before and enjoyed and here goes lol

        Ripley’s aquarium
        Casa loma
        CN tower

        Low key things:
        Kensington market
        Distillery district at night
        Steam whistle brewery if you like beer
        St Lawrence market

        Hope you enjoy the rest of your time here 🙂

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      2. Ripley’s and Casa Loma were on the list another friend gave me. I did make it to Kensington, that was cool! I wish that I had more time to hang out and do more. There’s so much to see and so little time to do it.

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  8. That man was horrible! But yes its really difficult to travel this time. I live in Philippines and people here are equally crazy when it comes to Covid and vaccines. Unfortunately, we might even be the country with the longest lockdowns and can’t even travel (even for tourism) within the country 😔

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      1. Nah it never helped at all. The restrictions are too strict and are going back and forth. Its like covid started or entered the country. Eventhough people have been vaccinated, still wherever you go (locally) pcr test is required and shouldered by the person. No matter how they open local tourism, people can’t travel cause of the additional costs and endless requirements 🙄


  9. Totally understand your conundrum. We have decided not to travel, other than perhaps day runs from Edmonton, until we are able to get back to Malaysia to visit our children and grandchildren. They are, incidentally, very worried about us because of what they see and read about Covid in Alberta. So, as I say, totally understand your conundrum.
    Also, thumbs up for your response to the Toronto mall guy.


    1. My boss is actually travelling to Malaysia soon. He seems worried about it as well. His mother lives there and she’s quite ill. I haven’t looked at the COVID situation there but I hope your children and grandchildren are safe and doing well.


      1. In Malaysia, it varies a bit depending upon the local area, however overall things are improving. One of our daughters and her family live in the Johor Bahru area and they are doing reasonably well. Our other daughter lives in Melaka, where we have our Malaysia place and, although not terrible, conditions are not as good.


  10. Totally feel for you. I’ll tell you you’re not alone. Just returned from Vancouver Island. Ugh there’s some angry people out there. Like holy shit get a grip. We stayed in hotels and it really left me feeling creepy. I so understand what you mean. So save a few bucks and go to Jasper for a weekend or to Lethbridge. This too shall pass. Soon I hope.


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