Last Day

I had the best time last night. One of the things that’s really nice about being here is that the world isn’t bat-shit crazy. Unvaccinated people in Alberta are literally holding the province hostage with their protests and their COVID parties and their screaming fits in public forums to try and make life as uncomfortable as possible. While I know life isn’t perfect anywhere, it’s been nice to not have to deal with that shit for a week.

People just… put on masks here. Like it’s the easy task that it should be in Alberta, too.

Today I’m going to grab some lunch from a place called ‘The Burger’s Priest’. I had it for lunch last Thursday and it was, without doubt in my mind, the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten. I was going to go and see if I could get an old acquaintance to show me around Scotiabank Arena, but I think I’m going to skip that.

I actually might go to Ripley’s Aquarium if I can get a ticket/time slot. Apparently it’s “can’t miss”.

One day left. Let’s do this.

17 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Woohoo so fun!! Sorry your province isn’t doing the greatest and making life a bit hell for you – hoping things turn around for you and all of us!! 🙏 Also I’ve never tried burger priest.. I wouldn’t say a night burger is my go-to meal but I do like a good burger so I will definitely check it out!!! 🙂

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      They also have fully vegan options and provide gluten free and dairy free substitutions so that all can enjoy. I highly recommend. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT

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  2. My god, I remember COVID parties here. Absolutely insane. Perhaps in Canada there was a benefit to having one insane province if it meant the others (possibly) acted overall better in sheer protest/in-group out-group thinking. Whereas here the level of insanity/sanity was consistent nationwide, so that everywhere was familiar with COVID parties, but also mask wearing. Perhaps you should move away from Alberta?

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  3. I do hope you got to go to Ripley’s Aquarium. Obviously, I’ve never been to that particular location, but I’ve been to the one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and it was kind of amazing. I assume all locations are equally awe-inspiring.

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  4. Enjoy the last of your vacation! I’m about halfway done with mine, but I’m already anticipating the reluctance to go back into work afterwards. Eat well, sightsee well, and make merry (maybe go for another of that burger?)!


  5. Ah, now I have caught up, I do need to be more regular on both my reading and my own blogging and podcast. Perhaps I should work up to having you as a guest, it’s all new territory to me.
    Anyway, today you travel back to our fair province (it is a nice place with mostly good people), so I will welcome you home. At least now we have a proper vaccine passport, although they still don’t call it that.


    1. I’m a horrible podcast guest! When I write, I write in a very scatter-brained manner, and when I speak that gets 100x worse. I sound like like the character from legally blonde before she gets admitted to law school. hahaha!

      Also, yes to the vaccine passport! Going to download mine tonight when I get home. People here in Ont didn’t love my editable pdf.

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      1. Oh, actually I love that idea. Last thing I want is to be like all the other podcasts. Why not give this old guy a shout (a DM somewhere) and we can chat.


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