Headed back to reality.

Currently sitting in an *almost empty* lounge at the airport and waiting for my flight home. It has been changed, again, so I could be here for a while. In that time, I’m going to attempt to publish a couple of drafts that I’ve been hanging onto for a few months.

Toronto has been great. Back to reality, for now. I have a job interview on Friday that I need to prep for. The company is a start-up that is looking for a Marketing Director. The prospect is exciting, mostly because if I get into the company on the ground floor, I could built the brand from the ground up. Imagine having the control to completely determine the direction and scale of a company. I think that’d be pretty fucking fantastic.

I’m finding myself hopeful, again. I both love and hate that. I love it because I love having something to look forward to. I hate that because it means there’s a greater chance of getting my heart broken if it doesn’t work out. Ah well, that’s basically the human condition. I know that I have the power to build a successful brand, and I’m confident in my capabilities.

Onwards and upwards. If this Friday is that opportunity, great for me. If this Friday isn’t that opportunity, I know there’ll be others.

Unrelated – I sure hope my house keys are in my suitcase. I thought they were in my backpack for some reason, but they’re not. I don’t think that my landlord wants to show up tonight to let me back into the house…

13 thoughts on “Headed back to reality.

  1. Hope you get a flight soon. Used to hate being stuck in airports but one can find ways to fill the time. Good luck with the interview. Hope it all works out as you would want. You deserve it! And I hope you find the keys!!


    1. Thank you! I actually really loved airports before COVID. Now I don’t love it as much. But, this lounge is still pretty empty, so I’m not in too bad shape. Also, they block off seats in this airport for social distancing, which they don’t do in Calgary. So I’d rather be trapped here then in Calgary… Guess we’ll see!


  2. 😬 good look on the house keys! 🀞

    Hey I recommend joining a start-up company. When you join early you have a really big influence on the culture of it. I joined one early and it ostensibly had a fun culture to start with and I know I helped to propagate that, perhaps too much lol. One of those early members was a much-loved female project manager (because she was an awesome person) and I’m sure her presence helped to keep things fair, because everyone else were guys. There’s very little bureaucracy and you really feel part of the team. It’s amazing how a few competent people really had a big effect on how the company turned out.


    1. See, that’s exactly why I am interested in joining the startup. Also, they only have a few employees right now, and none of them are women. And we all know that you need a good woman to knock some common sense into the men once in a while! lol

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  3. Bon Chance on Friday!
    One thing I noticed during my getting old guy life is that, whether it’s a good Friday or a bad Friday, up to this point there has always been another Friday a week later.


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