I’m alive.

I made it home last night around 10 pm.

I really didn’t get to posting any of the stuff I’ve had in my drafts – pretty privilege, things to know before buying a car, a few other hot topics I’ve been wanting to talk about for MONTHS. The airport got real busy, real fast. I also flaked and spent time researching some more about the company that I have an interview for tomorrow.

The plane ride home was stupid. I was sat next to a young kid who clearly had some form of ADHD, Which, hey. Kids are kids. I get that and I try to patient whenever I can. But honestly, his mother was not helping the situation AT ALL. I probably resented his mom more then I resented him. He kicked me. He elbowed me. He screamed at me. The flight attendants came to ask him to put his mask on at least a dozen times. I asked him to put his mask on at least a dozen times. His mom’s response was “He’s a child, there’s nothing I can do!” Then she continued to pump him full of sugar. Seriously, she gave him two cans of sprite and a bag full of Swedish fish candies. I’m not a parent. So my judgment is just that, judgment. But, if I were in her position, perhaps the shoveling sugar in his mouth during a cross country flight isn’t the smartest to help a hyperactive child who’s supposed to sit for 5 hours.

It’s unfortunate. It’s unpleasant to get elbowed and kicked. But again, I know that kids are kids. There’s a lot that I can tolerate because of that reasoning. I just think that his mother was pretty fucking negligent in the entire scenario.

Anyways, enough complaining about that.

I made it home around 10 last night. I did some laundry and I collapsed into my bed.

Work today has been okay. Busy, yes. I’m a little distracted because of my job interview tomorrow. This job interview has thrown me for a loop because it wasn’t something I actively applied for. This company approached me. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I do want to get my hopes up. I want to do well. I want to put my best foot forward.

I’m doing homework tonight. I have to catch up on virtual school because I didn’t do any of it whilst I was away. *Slaps my own hand.* Today the teacher asked us to make a brand style guide. I obviously have one already because, duh. I work in Marketing. I’d be pretty shitty at my job if I didn’t. I do have to work on unit conversions, though.

I’ve recently discovered this song and I think it’s worth the listen. The music video is very weird. But if you can just not watch the screen, the song is great.

Now, does someone want to come and do my laundry?

20 thoughts on “I’m alive.

    1. I found my keys! Surprised that small fact caught so many people’s attention. Wound up having to open my suitcase on my front step to get them out. That was definitely smart packing on my part.

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      1. I’m sure you didn’t mean to but as an ex-airline person I should emphasize that you should never, ever pack in your suitcase your passport/id/medications/keys or anything you really couldn’t bear to never see again. Some airlines are worse than others but trust no-one! I suspect you knew this already.


  1. That mum is absolutely neglecting that child. I stay clear of sugar apart from natural sugars in fruit and I cannot even imagine the nightmare I’d be in if I consumed all that sugar. She’s killing her child. Sugar without proteins on an empty stomach just creates anxiety and depression. That poor kid honestly.

    Man you are busy lol. What’s the virtual school thing?

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    1. He was just so hopped up on sugar that he was literally jittery. He was shaking. And all she did was just give him more. It was really hard.

      Virtual school – I’m taking two classes – One in international business relations and one in marketing. One cool professor, one shit head professor. One interesting course, one boring course.


  2. My style guide is “jeans and a tee-shirt”…how would I do in your class? Hopefully, I’d be graded on a bell (bottom) curve.
    Good luck tomorrow! Ask if they’d let you work remote from Vancouver!

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  3. I thought you did your laundry.

    Also, the mother could’ve bribed that kid to keep his mask on (using sprite and swedish fish), or failing that, implemented duct tape. I know a couple children that either approach might work on.

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    1. I ran my laundry through the washer and the dryer and then I put it in a giant pile on my bed and ignored it. Then I couldn’t crawl into bed so I wanted someone to come and fold/put it away for me.
      I wound up just throwing the clean laundry on the floor because I’m a grub like that.

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  4. Welcome home. Song is good, video is interesting. I am a parent, learned from my parents, and find some parenting skills lacking these days. Have a good interview. Laundry activity sounds similar to mine.


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