Things I don’t like

  • The feeling of pink erasers
  • Washing dishes
  • When people start a sentence with “Don’t get mad, but…”
  • The fact that avocado is so damn expensive
  • Cold, dark winters
  • Anything that’s crooked. (There’s an outlet in my bathroom that’s on the wall crooked and it drives me bonkers every time I look at it)
  • People who don’t know how to navigate traffic circles. THERE’S A SYSTEM FOR A REASON, RACHEL.
  • When regular people leave their hair curly and it looks damn good, and I leave my hair curly and it just looks like I didn’t brush my hair
  • Why do razors cost so much money?
  • When you’re trying to talk to someone and they’re on their phone. “Okay, Rachel, I can see this conversation means a lot to you so I’m just going to go”
  • No, wait, when people don’t BCC emails and then people reply all
  • People who don’t understand personal space
  • When I say that I’m going to write blog posts about important topics like sad-fishing and pretty privilege and then three months goes buy and I’m making a list of things that annoy me and I realize that I never wrote those posts
  • Using nicknames in public that shouldn’t be used in public. I used to work in an office that had a married couple that the boss specifically situated on opposite ends of the office to keep away from one another. Anyway, she referred to her husband as ‘Sugar Dick’, in work settings. It’s really not cool to call your husband ‘Sugar Dick’ in a work email. Had I been her manager, I would’ve shut that shit down real fast. You can call your husband whatever you want at home, but at work, his name is Mike. Just Mike.


Sometimes it just feels real good to get things off your chest.

I did something really dumb.

So, I’m getting ready for a lil thanksgiving trip.

Fam’s vaccinated. I’m vaccinated. It’s only going to be the couple of us. Anyways, besides the point.

My landlord will be coming here while I’m away. He’s going to do some things around the house – change the furnace filter, change the fridge filter, and inspect the washing machine. (Apparently, you’re supposed to check it to make sure its warranty gets maintained)

Anyways, I obviously didn’t want to leave the house a messy hell-hole for when he actually comes here. He doesn’t come here often, so I want him to know I’m looking after the place.

Last night I decided I could, instead of hand-washing, throw the rug from my front door in the washing machine.


The little grippy plasticy bits on the bottom came off in 50,000,000,000 tiny little pieces, got wet and sat in my washing machine like a pile of sand.

There was so much of it that the filter in the washing machine filled, overfilled, and started emptying onto the floor.

It was a mess.

It still is a mess. I’m still cleaning it up today.

Instead of washing my rug by hand, I’m now washing every towel and face cloth in my house by hand, because I put them all under the washer to clean the water/sandy/plasticy mess that was coming out. I obviously can’t put all that plasticy/sandy shit back in the washer, because that’s what lead to this shit in the first place

So I’m washing everything in my bath tub. And once it’s mostly clean, putting it in my washer for a deep clean.


Don’t be like me.

I need a new computer

Guys, I’m in desperate need of a new computer.

I continue to be approached by people looking to hire me for consulting work and my current setup just isn’t cutting it.

The computer that I’m typing this message on is from 2013. It’s a Lenovo, and it’s a beast. I love it dearly, but it’s getting to that point in a computer’s life in which it cannot function properly anymore. It doesn’t deal well with bluetooth, or two factor authentication, etc…

I have a computer that I have been trying to use for design work, but it’s not powerful enough. I need a bigger hard drive, I need more processing power. I need more from it.

I don’t want to spend obscene amounts of money on a computer. But also, if I did buy a real quality computer that I could use for eight years, like I’ve used this one, I could probably make my money back ten-fold.


It’s so hard.

I don’t know what computer to buy.

I also don’t wan to spend this much money on a computer so close to Christmas.

Tips? Suggestions?

Thank you

Female Anatomy/Biology

There’s a lot of misinformation coming out of quite a few US States right now surrounding a particular topic started in Texas recently. I’m not here to start arguments, or fights, I just want to clarify a couple of points for people who might not know better.

First, let’s throw out a few thoughts about periods.

  • Suggesting that a woman has a period once per month is a generalized statistic. Birth control pills are structured to give a woman a period once per month. If you’re not on birth control, the natural function of your body could give you a period once every 20 days, or it could even give you a period once every 40 days or 50 days. When it comes to biology it really depends on the woman and how her body works. It is definitely not the case that every female gets a period once per month.
  • If you are not on birth control, it is extremely hard to predict when your period will come. If you’re stressed, your diet changes, you’re taking some sort of medication, you’re sick, etc…, it can all play an impact in your period being late. Females around the world can probably all agree that it’s not uncommon for a period to be late.
  • If you are on some form of birth control pill, it’s still not an exact science to predict when your period will start. Some women have periods that last 5-7 days. Some women have periods that last two days. If you finish your progresterone/estrogen combo after 21 days and your period is only two days, that can come at any point in the next seven days.
  • If you have an implant, it might be possible that you don’t have a period at all.

Okay, now lets talk about this “You have 6 weeks to make a decision from the time you have sex”.

Talking about another generalized statistic here, a woman has only a certain window in the month in which she actually can get pregnant. It’s not possible to get pregnant when your body is not ovulating.

  • It is EXTREMELY difficult to track when your body is ovulating. For women who are actively trying to get pregnant, it takes a lot of work to track the ovulation cycle. And, for women who aren’t trying to get pregnant, I can’t speak for all women, but I have a hunch the majority of us just don’t pay attention.
  • Pregnancy occurs in the days leading up to ovulation, and the day of ovulation. If you’re not tracking that, then… you have no idea. Why would you? You’re not trying to get pregnant.
  • Now, let’s use the generalized statistic that a woman’s period comes once every 30 days. Technically, an estimation would be that she is ovulating anywhere in the period of 10-16 days before her next period. So if she’s guessing that her period is coming October 1st, the ovulation cycle could be anywhere between the 15th and 20th of the month September
  • Let’s say, for example, that a woman had sex on the 15th of September. If there was a possibility of getting pregnant from the sex had (her partner finished inside of her), it’s not immediate. Implantation needs to happen. That can take a whole week. That can take a day, that can take three days. It all depends on the woman.
  • So, let’s say, for example’s sake, a woman had sex on the 15th, and implantation occurred the following week. She’s now at three weeks post period. It can take another full week before a woman has enough HCG in her body for an at-home pregnancy test to tell her she’s pregnant. HCG has to build up in the body for a pregnancy to be detected. At this point in time, a woman is a full four weeks past her previous period. Her next period could be coming any day, or if she’s stressed it could be coming in another two weeks. There’s no way to know for certain because the body doesn’t work on a calendar cycle.
  • If she waits two weeks for her next period to show up, which is a very reasonable window, women can attest, then she’s already reached a point in which the Texas law declares her at ‘6 weeks’ and terminating the pregnancy is no longer allowed. But she, in fact, hasn’t even learned she’s pregnant yet.
  • Now let’s say she’s worried about the sex that was had two weeks prior. Let’s say, for many of the women that this happens to, the sex was unwanted, and she’s scared. She could take a pregnancy test when her period doesn’t show up on the October 1st. If the test does show that she’s pregnant, she needs to get to a doctor to get it confirmed. I don’t know about you, but here in the part of the world that I live, there is zero circumstances in which someone could call a doctor and get an appointment on that day. In many parts of the world it’s 3 days – 1 week before you can get an appointment. In many parts of the world, it could be longer than a week before you can get to a clinic to get your pregnancy confirmed by a doctor. For example’s sake, let’s say it takes a week. By Texas law standard, a woman is now ‘5 weeks along’.
  • If the doctor is able to confirm the pregnancy at 5 weeks along, and a woman is wishing to terminate her pregnancy they don’t just let you go and do it that day. In a lot of cases, in a lot of parts of the world, if you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, you have to take part in a counselling session, you have to get a referral to book an appointment have arrangements made with the clinic that can help you with termination. Can this come together in the next 5 days? Maybe? It could be hella hard, though.
  • Under the best, most optimal circumstances for the woman I’ve explained here, there is a very unlikely chance she can get the clinic to squeeze her in during the next five days. At which point, if they cannot, under Texas law, a woman is then considered ‘6 weeks along’ and you are not allowed to terminate past six weeks.
  • Now, imagine this is someone who’s underage. Let’s say it’s a 16 year old girl. These barriers to getting medical treatments are harder. She might not drive, she might need a ride to the doctor to get the pregnancy confirmed to get a referral to the clinic for termination. That could take more time, pushing her past the six week window.
  • Now, imagine a woman is in an abusive relationship and she doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to get away from her partner very often. This could be almost impossible for her to get to a clinic before the six week window has passed.

There are a lot of factors at play here that have to perfectly align, for lack of better terminology, for a woman to be able to terminate a pregnancy prior to 6 weeks, by Texas standard.

If other states start implementing laws similar to Texas, it’s going to be harder and harder for women to get the medical treatments they need.

In Texas specifically, in 2014 only 43 percent of women lived in a county in which clinics that provide pregnancy termination were accessible to them, and that’s only gotten even harder to find since that time. So women who are needing to terminate a pregnancy (for any reason, because it’s really not our fucking business) in Texas are having to travel hundreds of miles to get to a clinic where they can get the medication/procedure.

Under the very best of circumstances for a woman, it’s exceptionally difficult to determine you’re pregnant and have appointments and clinics align for your termination to fall under the 6 week window that the governor says ‘GIVES LOTS OF TIME’ as though he knows anything a about a woman’s body.

Now, specific to the Texas law, there have been ZERO exceptions put into this law banning termination after 6 weeks. Not for rape, incest, lethal anomaly, age, or anything of the sort. So to clarify, if a thirteen year old is raped and gets pregnant, there is no exceptions, the state is expecting her to carry her rapist’s baby to term at 13 years old.

Well, if anyone thinks that sounds like an extreme case, it’s really not. Stuff like that happens a lot in our world. It might not be plastered online all of the time, but it happens, a lot.

Imagine if a 13 year old was raped by her father and got pregnant. Texas law is expecting her to carry her pregnancy to term, unless she can get the parental consent, from the man who raped her, to get her pregnancy terminated.

Now, remember that a lot of doctors don’t do ultrasounds until at least 8 weeks pregnant, many don’t even until 12. What if it a 12 weeks along, or 16 weeks alone, a doctor finds an issue with the baby that they know will result in the baby being a still-birth. Under Texas law right now, that woman is required to carry that baby for another 6-7 months, knowing that when it is born, it will die. Can you imagine the psychological impact of carrying a child for 6-7 months knowing it will die? There are a lot of reasons why this can happen, and though we don’t hear about them often, stillbirths happen in the USA every day. A woman’s mental health might never recover from that.

A man, or group of men, who seem to know nothing about female reproduction, drafted a law that suggests they understand female reproduction better then females. As a result, women no longer get a choice.

Now, let’s talk about the: “If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex” argument.

Great, this argument is stupid.

Sex is good. People should be able to enjoy sex without wanting to make a child.

Beyond that, though, if you tell women that they shouldn’t have sex, then… what happens if all women just stop having sex with men. I mean, it sounds completely crazy, but so does banning abortions after six weeks. What if all women just stopped having sex with men? Would men be okay with that? I doubt it. Men like sex as much as women do.

You can get pregnant while using birth control.

You can get pregnant while using a condom.

You can get pregnant if you have sex.

The possibility of getting pregnant lessens if you take precautions, but it’s always there.

The “don’t have sex” argument is like saying “Don’t get in a car if you don’t want to get in a car accident”. Is everyone going to stop driving? No. You can minimize risk by taking precautions, but the risk will always remain, no matter how small.

Now let’s talk about birth control.

First off, if you’re underage, I believe in most places you have to have parental consent to get birth control. I know that I did.

Now, in places like Texas, and a lot of “red states” the federal government, under Donald Trump, made it so that companies are able to deny benefits/insurance that pay for birth control on religious grounds. Basically, if you work for a boss who is religious, he/she can say “No, we’re not allowing birth control to be covered in our health plan”. This puts the cost of birth control on women.

Birth control is not cheap. If you’re a stable income family, an adult with legal ability to purchase it, the purchase might be well worth it for you.

If you’re one of the millions upon millions upon millions of Americans who live below the poverty line, a recurring monthly cost for birth control, really adds up in a year, when you don’t have a lot of money to start with.

To those that say “Go to planned parenthood” – there are over 300 million people in the USA. How many of them have access to planned parenthood? Not 300 million.

So, not only are lawmakers making it BEYOND exceptionally difficult for a woman to terminate a pregnancy, they’re also making it as hard as possible for women to be able to prevent pregnancy to start with.

Thus, the only option left is to not have sex. Am I understanding this correctly? How would men feel if women just decided to withhold sex because of these laws? I bet you there would be a fucking uproar. I bet you it would be on television, on the internet, it would probably at the United Nations General assembly.

Imagine a world if women just stopped having sex with men.

Just imagine that.

What are the other options? Before you even have intercourse, men are dictating what birth control options you might have access to. If by chance you don’t have access, or your birth control fails, men who don’t understand female biology or how pregnancy works are dictating that you have to carry a child to term. After you carry a child to term, if it’s lucky enough to survive, the men who made the very laws that forced you to carry to term, aren’t providing you with resources to provide said child a stable home, an education, clean drinking water, access to proper medical treatments and so on and so forth.

To Conclude

There is no separation of church and state in the United States. People are using their religious convictions to control the lives of massive populations.

This is not a pro-life stance. A pro-life government wouldn’t be putting children in cages, or separating them from their parents when they’re seeking refuge in the USA. A pro-life government would understand the psychological impacts of forcing a woman to carry a baby to term that would be stillborn. A pro-life government would look at how many people each year are killed by guns and want to do something about that. A pro-life government would support people affected by the opioid crisis. A pro-life government would suggest that wearing masks is one of the simplest and easy ways people can protect themselves from an airborne virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.

It’s not pro-life, it’s pro-control, and it’s specifically pro-control over women.

I really hope that people see and understand that.

If someone doesn’t want an abortion, and their convictions say they should carry a pregnancy to term no matter the circumstance, then they should do that. They shouldn’t get to control millions of women’s choices based off their convictions, though. That’s not right. That’s not separation of church and state, that’s church controlling state.

That’s all for now.

I’ve been writing this for a while, so if I missed anything or said anything wrong, please let me know.

Thursday Thoughts & Social Media Tidbits

You know that feeling when you want to buy something but you don’t have any money? That’s me. I don’t even want anything too elaborate. I just want things. I definitely don’t need those things. It’s just frustrating when you want something and you cannot have it. Though, now that I’m typing this, I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of adulthood.

I’m presently looking at a job description for a position at Google. Do I think I’m good enough for the job? Hell yeah. Do I think that I have a chance at my resume even being read when it comes to a position for Google? I mean… I might have a better chance at winning the lottery. Part of me wants to apply anyway. I probably won’t apply, though. My self-confidence is bordering manic these days. Some days I’m great, and some days I really have to pick myself up off the floor just to get through the day. I think that comes with the instability that is life right now.

If you don’t care about social media growth, stop reading.


For those who haven’t figured this out yet – those people on Twitter who are consistently asking open ended questions on popular, or potentially divisive topics, or even downright stupid topics at times, they don’t care what your answers are. They really don’t. They couldn’t care less. If they asked “what’s your favourite food” and you responded with “motor oil” then the entire point of posting the question to start with has worked for them.

Twitter is not chronological. Twitter uses an algorithm to showcase your feed as a curated picture of all the accounts you’ve most recently reacted with, or most frequently reacted with. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t see someone on your feed, it’s probably because you never bothered to interact with their Tweets.

The same can actually be said for Instagram as well. Though I’m sure their algorithms are written differently, they booth seek to serve the same purpose – they want to have the people you interact with most to appear closes to the top, or the beginning of your feed.

Where this is most applicable on Instagram is in two places:

  • On Instagram stories, there are people who post questions on their Instagram stories every single day. They’re Yes/No poll, or “Tell me a Secret, I won’t tell anyone” questions. It’s generic, stupid bullshit, and the entire purpose of it is to get you to interact with their story. As soon as you interact with their story, their story is going to appear at the front of the collections when you sign into your Instagram App each day.
  • On the Instagram feed, there are people who say “Comment down below [Insert Stupid Question/Comment/Subject here]” on every post. I’ve seen ‘Comment your favourite colour’ or ‘Do you pour the cereal before the milk?’ or ‘Tell me how to get organized’. Those people don’t give a fuck about what you could, or might respond with. They just want you to respond. When you respond, their feed posts will be closer to the top of the page, every time you sign onto the app.

Okay, this might possibly be an eye-opening moment. You’re thinking now about all of the people on your Instagram and Twitter feeds who ask questions constantly and you’re suddenly realizing what their game plan is!

You’ll notice this a lot with influencers, if you follow any. Other people who are specifically taught to do this are those who are a part of MLMs like BeachBody, Mary Kay, Arbonne, etc. But, lately, it has become big with coaches, therapists and anyone who’s really trying to start a small business or sell something, or people who just really like attention.

However it is being delivered to you, I hope that after reading this, if you didn’t before, you now understand there’s always an ulterior motive.

The algorithm is the ulterior motive.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love social media because it’s one of the easiest ways to showcase a diverse collection of people, places, things, culture, and more. I hate social media because the people who excel in the algorithm are the least cultured, least original, least interesting of the group. 95% of these platforms are just people copying one another. The algorithm favours trends, and conventionally attractive people.

People think that Carlie Damilio is the most interested member of gen z right now, but the truth is, there’s likely 100 million other females just like her. I’m serious – they look like her, they dance like her, they talk like her, they probably walk like her. She caught an algorithm at the right moment in time, and now she’s taking advantage. She’s not special. And I don’t mean that in a disparaging way, I just mean that she’s really not original. She makes millions upon millions of dollars because she purchases virtual dance trends to Tik Tok.

I imagine it is something she’s aware of. I imagine it is something that everyone who’s hit bit in the algorithm is aware of at this point. They’re just taking advantage of their fifteen minutes while it lasts. Because there is nothing sustainable about a career based solely on social media. Instagram in the past 6 months has changed more than it did in it’s first four years of existence.

I kind of want to talk about what an epic failure ClubHouse has become, but that might need to be another story for another day. It had so much promise and they just fucked it up, royally. The fact that some people reading this are asking what ClubHouse is, that’s exactly the point as to had badly they screwed up.

Social media has to be one tool of many. Whether you’re running a business account or you’re just posting photos for fun, whether you’re a writer trying to get noticed, or someone who just likes to rant about politics (me!), social media cannot be your only outlet.

If you’re reading this because you have a blog, make sure you update that blog regularly. Your blog can and will be a far greater resource then anything you could garner on any social media platform.

My favourite platforms on the web:

  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • WordPress

LinkedIn promotes based off what people enjoy/appreciate, not specific to you. Pinterest promotes on what people enjoy/appreciate, not specific to you. On both I find there’s a much more diverse inclusion of content displayed and made popular. It’s very easy to create an echo chamber of voices that think like you, talk like you and agree with you on Twitter and Instagram, and that really isn’t the case on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

As for WordPress, I just think it’s a simple, intuitive platform for the hobby bloggers, and it also an affordable, customizable platform for all of the serious bloggers, and everyone in between. It was a platform built with everyone in mind, if that makes sense.

I’m rambling a lot.

There’s a really expensive pair of pants that I want to purchase. I don’t need them, but I want them. Should I do it? I don’t think I should. I’ve never spent that much on a pair of pants before. (I bet you didn’t expect this post to end with me talking about expensive pants)

When someone tells me

When someone tells me to ‘just be happy’, I want to punch them in the face. While I’m sure a lot of them mean well, it’s really not helpful.

When someone tells me to ‘just get over it’, I want to make it an even bigger deal than it has to be. While I’m sure a lot of them mean well, it’s really not helpful.

When someone tells me ‘it’s not that bad’, I’m reminded that it’s really not possible for them to see things from my perspective. Thus, it’s really not helpful.

When someone tells me to ‘just move on’, I wish that it could be ‘just that easy’. Moving on takes time, it takes processing. It takes growth. It doesn’t just happen with the snap of your fingers.

When someone tells me how to live my life, I try my best to believe that it comes from a good place. But also, healthy boundaries are integral to maintaining my sanity.

When someone tells me that I’m bitchy, I remind them that I am assertive.

When someone tells me that I am aggressive, I remind them that I’m ambitious, not aggressive. Ambition is not a negative trait.

When someone tells me that I’m not good enough, it stings a little to hear the words out loud, but also, they’re absolutely fucking wrong. Another important fact, I don’t live by their standards, I live by my own.

I try my best to see everyone’s perspective in this world. I really do. But it’s a very important distinction to make that, even though I might see their perspective, and I might even understand them in a lot of ways, that doesn’t mean they’re right. That doesn’t mean that their standards define who I am, how I feel, react or choose to live my life.

In case no one has told you today, you get to define yourself. You can to be who you want to be. So be your best self.

COVID Updates – Sept 25th – Alberta

I read COVID updates from Brendan at Blind Injustice regularly, so I thought I’d take the idea, and write one of my own.

Jason Kenney and his band of idiots he calls government dubbed Summer 2021 as the ‘Best Summer Ever’. On July 1st he eliminated all health restrictions and measures in place to try and keep people safe. No masks. No six feet distance. Everything was done. Jason Kenney and his cabinet had decided that COVID no longer existed and that we were going to proceed as though it was all a distant memory.

The province then announced that in August, they would be removing the ability for general public to get tested. There was going to be no isolation if you did test positive, and the province would no longer be tracking cases through the community.

COVID was still very much a reality at this point in time, but no one who worked in any government position was willing to admit that it was. It was like they just… forgot about it.

Jason Kenney then went on holiday for 3+ weeks. The chief medical officer of health stopped making appearances, stopped providing case numbers, stopped answering questions. She just kind of… stopped doing her job.

The new rules, that were to come into effect on August 16th said that the only way you could get a test was if you were travelling and paid to get it done privately, or if you were being admitted to the ICU.

On August 13th, they backtracked on their decision to stop testing. But, they continued forward with their decision to no longer track cases through the community.

Jason Kenney was still on holiday, which he assures us was not timed in conjunction with the announcement of the federal election, and things continued falling apart.

As cases continue to spiral out of control, Jason Kenney stayed hidden. Because, you know, conservatives and accountability… but he eventually resurfaced on September 16th, just four days before the federal election. By this point time, hospitals were already overrun. We’ve been reaching between 1,000-2,000+ cases a day for weeks, and because there’s such a large population of unvaccinated people in this province, when they get Delta Variant, they’re getting VERY, VERY SICK.


Let’s start with the painstaking truth that the unvaccinated population of this province are getting sick. Really sick. Alberta has one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the country, and one of the highest rates of anti-mask, anti-science, crowds spreading dangerous misinformation about the virus.


As of yesterday (a lot of provinces don’t report numbers on weekends), there were a total of 45,042 active (known) cases in Canada. As of yesterday, 20,040 of those active cases are in Alberta. That is 44 percent of all active cases in the country that are in one province.

For context of why this is so bad, Alberta is the fourth most populous province in the country with 4.3 million people. Ontario, a province with 5,747 cases, has 14.5 million people.


There are currently 1061 people in hospital. There are currently 243 people in the ICU.

243 people is THE MOST amount of people that have ever been in ICU at one time, in this province, since Canada was founded.

This past week, Dr. Verna Yiu, the president of Alberta Health Services said that the only reason people are able to continue being admitted to the ICU is because people are dying at a rate faster than people are being admitted. Which is alarming on it it’s own. It’s even more alarming when you realize that our ICUs are operating at 184% capacity, with use of “surge beds”. Instead of people being in an ICU room on their own, hospitals are having to put surge beds into rooms to have two and three people in one ICU room.

The military has been called in, and are operating to help the health care system from collapse.

Ontario has said they will accept patients needing to be transferred out of Alberta due to lack of space. They would have to be transferred to Ontario because hospital beds in Western Canada are so scarce, there’s nowhere to send people.


If you haven’t heard the story presently national and international news rounds (no joke, it made Forbes, New York Times, Washington Journal), a small town in Alberta decided that, in an effort to gain ‘herd immunity’ they were going to have a COVID spreader party. As a result, an ‘undisclosed’ amount of Edson residents are now in the ICU, or dead. Link:

Health and governing authorities won’t release how many people got sick, wound up in hospital or died from this party because they don’t want the town to be targeted. But, it’s enough people that they’ve released it’s put a significant strain on COVID hospitalizations.


Our Premier decided the way he was going to get people to get vaccinated was not through educating them, or by making vaccines more accessible, or by calling out misinformation on the spot. He decided people would get vaccinated for $100.

This, of course was a miraculous failure. $100 isn’t going to convince crowds of people spreading misinformation across the world, that a vaccine is more safe than horse-dose ivermectin from the local feed store.


Our government has been vehemently against the vaccine passport system since before vaccines were even available. Apparently, our Premier is of the belief that eating at a restaurant is a right, not a privilege, and he doesn’t want to restrict people’s rights to eat at restaurants.

However, with the crippling health care system, struggling economy, and businesses losing their workers left, right and centre to COVID infections and having a hard time staying open, our premier decided he was going to issue a “Restrictions Exemption Program”. This, he promises, is not a vaccine passport. Though it looks like the stoner kids project in school, when they half-ass everything they do.

Under the ‘restrictions exemption program’, businesses were required to either operate at 30 percent capacity, or, ask people for vaccination proof to get in and be able to operate at 100 percent capacity. Under the restriction exemption program unvaccinated individuals are not eligible to eat inside of a restaurant, but instead are given seats on the patio. This, of course, strips the privilege of eating indoors from the people who believe eating indoors is a right, so anti-vaxxers weren’t happy and they took to protesting.

Oh, and churches are exempt from restriction exemption program because COVID obviously can’t spread in churches. At least that’s what religious people believe? Or, perhaps our premier just doesn’t want to piss off people who have good Christian values.


Instead of providing people with a laminated card, like Manitoba, or a QR code, like British Columbia, Alberta opted for an editable PDF.

I kid you not. Our ‘Proof of Vaccine’ can be attained by going to a website and putting in our name and birthday. The system spits out an editable PDF document in which you can then change everything on the form.

This means, you don’t have to get a vaccine to get a proof of vaccination. It took people roughly 30 minutes to figure this out, before it was plastered across the interwebs. Who knows how many thousands of unvaccinated people have proof of vaccination now.

Essentially, the government undermined the entire system before they even started. Businesses have no way of knowing whether or not someone’s proof of vaccination is legitimate or not.

When asked why they made editable documents the government’s response was that they cannot control how people take advantage of the system and they asked that everyone practice personal responsibility and do the right thing. Because, you know, clicking that “Lock” button on the PDF was too damn hard, and the past 18 months have shown us that personal responsibility means a lot to absolutely NO ONE IN THIS FUCKING PROVINCE.


Because proof of vaccination in Alberta is so easily editable, and thus has a high probability of being fraudulent, it’s unknown whether or not my proof of vaccination will be valid for travel.

I’m planning to spend Thanksgiving with family, and will need proof of vaccination to get there, so… we’ll see how that goes.


The hospitals are full. The military is here. People are critically ill and on the verge of needing to be flown across the country to be kept alive. Kids are getting delta at school and the government is pretending it isn’t happening. All elective surgeries in the province for the next month are cancelled. Organ transplants, tumor removals, cancer biopsies, joint replacements, things that people need are being put on hold for undisclosed amounts of time due to the collapse of the health care system.

Proof of vaccination isn’t proof anything at all, because it’s editable. And, tomorrow night, the NHL starts and 18,000 people will pack into one arena for a ‘good ole hockey game’.


If you were around this blog in August you’ll know that I got a breakthrough case of COVID. I actually got the delta variant, specifically. It made it’s way through my office with all of the people who were at one particular meeting.

For me, the anxiety of having it was worse than the actual sickness I deal with. That, I largely attribute to the fact that I am double vaccinated.

I am, to this day, dealing with the after-effects of COVID. I have a chest-infection that just won’t seem to go away. My body is achy all of the time. And, I’m overwhelmingly exhausted most days. I’ve been drinking too much caffeine to overcompensate for the exhaustion, which is leading to headaches.

Basically, I’m adjusting. It’s hard going places because when I start coughing under my mask, it scares people. Some people are nice about it, others are extremely rude. One individual shoved me out of the door of a business out of fear. It’s just hard. I know I’m not contagious, I’ve been assured of that from a doctor. But other people have no way of knowing that. And given everything going on in this province right now, everyone is stressed. Everyone has their guards up. Everyone is worried.


Our government seems to be under the impression that they are either, 1) not important and the public can govern themselves, or 2) it is more important to pander to people who believe vaccines are poison. Regardless, they seem to be taking a crash course in exactly the worst way to respond to a global pandemic.

I shouldn’t be surprised, really. They seem to be on the wrong side of every issue. They seem to treat the economy as a buzzword, and fail to recognize how everything in society is connected to the economy. You cannot just flip a switch and have everything go back to normal.

What’s the cure for loneliness?

I cannot remember if I’ve asked this before on this blog. I’m just lonely and I cannot shake it. No matter what I try to do. No matter how much I try to distract myself. I’m just abundantly aware how alone I am at all times.

As much as I’m an introvert, it’s just nice sometimes to be able to cheers with someone sitting across the table. As much as I’m an introvert, it’s just nice to watch a stupid movie and hear someone else laughing in unison. As much as I’m an introvert, it’s just nice to have someone show up.

Thursday Thoughts.

Things can be both good and bad at the same time.

Dealing with the bad, in any way that you know how, does not mean that you don’t appreciate the good. Nor does it mean that you don’t recognize the good.

Problems are not a competition. Someone will always have it worse. That being said, just because someone has it worse, does not mean that your problems are invalid. Everyone’s problems are valid. If someone makes recognition of their problems, that does not mean they cannot see good. It just means that the weight of the world is a lot to carry some days.

Privilege is subjective. While I consider myself to be extremely privileged in some ways, there are some ways when I envy others. Whether it’s looks, health, economic status, family status, access, etc, etc, etc… there are plenty of reasons we’re all privileged. There are also reasons why we’re not. And that’s okay. I just want to live in a world where we can recognize our privilege, use it to help others, and have others recognize their own privileges and use them to help.

Looking after your mental health is the best thing you can do for yourself. If your head’s not right, everything else in your life will fall apart.

It’s okay to be sad.

It’s okay to feel like your life is falling apart. Sometimes it is, when you’re on the inside looking out. If other’s can’t see that, you don’t have to explain it to them. You can try, if you think they’ll understand. But, if they don’t, it’s not worth getting angry about. It’s hard for people to see life from someone else’s shoes.

If things aren’t okay, that’s okay.

If things are okay, I’m happy for you. I also hope that it stays that way.

I don’t know where I was going with this. That’s all, I guess.