Please excuse the caps. I’m just THAT excited.

In follow up to ‘The Downsides to Consulting‘, I finally got paid. It didn’t come in time for Black Friday, which was a huge bummer. I wanted to use the money to buy some Christmas presents for some people in my life for cheaper than they would inevitably be this week, but nevertheless, I still got paid!

Ironically (not ironically, more like coincidentally) the money came today because of the fact that they have another project request for me today.

‘Okay, I’ll pay you now because I need something from you again.’

It can, at times, be a very vicious circle.

If you’re freelancing/consulting, please don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. If you do the work, you deserve to get paid. Don’t let people delay payment, give excuses, prolong things.

Like mentioned in the comments of my last post about this subject, a person would never leave a hair salon without paying for the services they just had done, whether it cut, dyed or styled. So, a person should not take over a month to pay an invoice for the work you complete for them for a project.

Stand your ground.

Your value is mighty. You got this.

Starting in January

I’ve thought a lot about it and one of the things that I would like to do, starting in January, is a series (or maybe a one off depending on who wants to participate or not) about careers. What is your career? How’d you land in your current role? What drew you to the industry? What is your education? What are the requirements to do what you do?

If anyone would like to take part, and be my first guinea pig for the series please email me at millenniallifecrisis12@gmail.com.

Whether you have a relatively common job, such as a teacher or a nurse, or a relatively uncommon job, such as a Biochemical Engineer or the Travel Agent for the British Royals, or anything in between, I’d love to hear about it.

FYI: The series (or one off) won’t give away any specifics, like the name of your employer, I just want to do a series on careers and what people do to achieve them.

Update: I’ve gotten a lot of responses since posting this! More than I ever thought I’d get. It might take me a couple of days to get back to you. But there are some pretty cool people with some pretty cool jobs that I look forward to sharing more about in January!

I’ve you’ve sent me an email, I will send you one back, I promise! It might just take me a day or two!

On a lighter note

The world is now covered with snow and it sure does look beautiful. That’s the lake my doggo is wandering out onto.

Just wanted to share a little bit of beauty for the day.

We have to keep a red collar on her because of her fur, when she plays in the snow she tends to disappear! hahaha

Okay, so

Last night I made a post on this blog about three serious topics that I wanted to give my take on. I am someone who believes that even the difficult or taboo subjects should be talked about because, so long as we’re talking, we’re educating… ourselves, others, the world in general.

These subject matters, specifically the third that I spoke of (I’m being very careful to not type the subject matter again because I don’t want to get flagged again), offended someone, or multiple people. I’m thinking multiple people based on what has happened in the past 24 hours.

While I am sorry that someone took offense to the subject matter, I am not sorry for what I said. There is a systemic culture of toxicity in our society that will continue to thrive so long as we continue to sweep these subjects under a rug and pretend they do not exist. My blog frequently talks about subject matters that are those which people don’t necessarily just blurt out in coffee shops with their friends, mostly for fear of being judged. I take great pride in touching on these subject matters that are so, so very important to not just me, but should be important to everyone. And I want this place to be a safe space for people to share their thoughts on these subjects as well, whether you agree with me or not.

What I don’t want is to censor myself.

To address a certain concern:

I received an email last night stating that it was in very poor judgment of me to talk about subjects of these matters whilst I’ve recently been made aware that people as young as fifteen read this blog. They went on to say that 15 year old’s should not have to be subject to these subjects and that I should be more cognizant of my choices of topics.

Firstly, suggesting that someone who is fifteen years old isn’t able to grasp, and shouldn’t be able to discuss the subject matter of what was in my post last night is severely underestimating the intellectual and emotional maturity of youth. It’s also incredibly naive to suggest that people who are teens, or in their early twenties, aren’t talking about these subjects already. I guarantee you they are.

Secondly, I believe in education. I believe in open and honest discussion with people while they are any age (whether they’re a teenager or 65) and I believe in allowing them to ask questions, or learn that the world isn’t always perfect. These things, like I spoke of last night in my post, do happen. If people are educated when they’re younger, they’ll be more able to stick up for themselves and know they’re value when they reach an age in which they start a relationship of their own.

You might believe that teens deserve to be sheltered. You might believe that teens should stay as young as possible for as long as possible. And that’s your prerogative. I believe that the more we empower teens with truth, the more value they’ll place upon their worth and the more likely they are to stand up for themselves and know the difference between right and wrong should these situations ever happen to them.

If you read my post from last night, thank you to those of you provided me some really incredible comments. I hope that the post reappears and that more people get to read it, and the comments that were left on the post. It’s an important discussion to be had.

That’s it.

That’s all.

Hey Universe, if you're listening.

I have a phone interview tomorrow, for a really awesome position with a really awesome company, that starts in January. Universe, I don’t know if you’re listening or not, but if you are, how about you work some of your magic? I’ve seen you do it before and I could use some of it right about now.

It’d be awfully nice to have a new job to go to in 2020. Awfully nice indeed. Dare I go so far as to say it would make me have a very merry and happy Christmas? Because I really think this position could change things for me. I really think it could make me a better me, a new me, a happier me.

Is that selfish of me to ask for your help? I think that’s selfish of me to ask. I don’t care though. A girl’s gotta get her turn eventually, and this, this could be mine!

Universe, I would like this job. Not one three months from now, or six months from now, I want this one.

I would be so happy if they could like me enough to give me an in-person interview. I know once they met me they wouldn’t want to pass me up. I just need them to give me the in-person.

Goodness, I hope this goes well tomorrow.

Sincerely, A hopeful soul.

Letter to a thin-skinned soul

Dear Self,

As hard as you try, not everyone is going to like you. That’s a fact of life. And that’s totally okay. Don’t break your back over someone who’s opinion of you is never going to change. Quite frankly, their opinions don’t and shouldn’t matter to you. What should matter to you is who you choose to be, day in and day out.

Be yourself. Be authentic. Be true.

Those who know and love you will appreciate you for exactly who you are. Those who don’t, well, don’t waste your time or worry on them. You’re perfect just the way you are.

And if you do change, don’t change for anyone but yourself.

Sincerely, Me