Struggles with food (way TMI)

So long as I don’t eat, I don’t get sick.

It’s only when I eat that my body starts reacting in negative ways. So… I just need to not eat anymore, right?

I had some food allergen testing done last year, but lately I’ve been thinking that I should do one of those food sensitivity tests. I don’t think the food allergen testing told the full story.

Food Allergen testing tests for IGE Deficiency, which I already knew I had prior to the test. Food sensitivity testing, on the other hand, tests for IGG Deficiency, which is a completely different Immunoglobulin in the body. What I’m wondering is, in addition to my food allergies, if there might be food sensitivities that are contributing to my headaches, muscle aches, extreme exhaustion, gut issues and so on and so forth.

As much as I know what I’m allergic too and what I really need to avoid when I’m eating, I’m also finding that I’m still having issues, regardless of what I put into my body. For instance, most days I wander around this world with a pretty gnarly headache. And I just tolerate it… as it is. I had a CT scan done in 2019 and it came back as normal, so, the doctor just attributed my headaches to stress. The thing is, though, the headache doesn’t normally start until I’ve eaten something. If I just avoid eating… I don’t get the headache. This is only small example of what I’ve been dealing with, but I think it’s an important one to note.

The doctor was so quick to diagnose me with IBD. The problem is, the majority of the symptoms related to IBD that I can find, I don’t have. No, I’m not a medical doctor, so I can’t technically diagnose myself. But, I do know myself and how my body functions a lot more than a doctor who’s seen me twice, for no more than 10 minutes each time and never done any tests.

I’ve been doing some research (thanks to various sources… in spite of Dr. Google being a scary place sometimes) and it turns out that food allergies and food sensitivities can affect the body in completely different ways. Duh. I know, go figure. But, allergy testing is ONLY for IGE deficiencies. You cannot test for IGG deficiencies at the same time. They are completely separate tests.

I am wondering if I could do some food sensitivity testing, if I could get that IGG deficiency testing done, if it might help. Even if they have small effects on the function of my body, if there’s a lot of them, or if it’s something I eat frequently, it could be causing me more harm than I realize.

If anyone reading this has ever taken food sensitivity testing, what was it like? Did you get it done through public health, or privately (through a private clinic or corporation)? Did it help?

I’ve been on a two-and-a-half year long journey of trying to figure out the root of my issues. I’ve been misdiagnosed on four separate occasions that have been proven, and I believe that the diagnosis of IBD was also not accurate. And, as mentioned above, I was never tested for it. I’m trying to do my due diligence, advocate for myself and get to the bottom of what the heck is wrong. I’m wondering if this food sensitivity testing might be a beneficial step for me.

I'm sick and tired.

I have an ear infection, sinus infection and throat infection. I seem to have contracted the trifecta of misery after spending two full weeks trying to look after the sick people in this house.

I’m hungry. All of the food is upstairs and I just don’t have the physical energy to even climb the stairs. I’m cold, my body is physically aching and I’m seriously contemplating becoming one with the grizzly bears and spending my winters hibernating from now on.

Why does it feel like my immune system is so much weaker than everyone else?

This is the type of weather we’ve had the past few days around here:

For those of you who are American and might not understand Celsius, -36 Celsius is the equivalent of -32 Fahrenheit. That’s how cold it is. It’s hard to go outside for any length of time when it’s this cold and you’re healthy, nevermind when you’re sick.

January is kicking my ass. Seriously. Okay, I’m done whining now.

Joyeux Noël

May the spirit of holiday last for more than just one day,
Because loving, sharing and giving, you should never put away.
While you may pack the decorations and put them on a shelf,
Remember the good you do for others is the good you do yourself.
So practice kindness during the holiday and all the year through,
Show your loved ones they’re important, that they matter deeply to you.

Whether you’re celebrating or not, I am wishing the happiest of holidays to you and yours. May this time of year be a reminder of all of the good in this world, and where there’s room to grow because the world always needs more of it.


P.S. I asked Santa for a new job for Christmas. Do you think he can pull some strings?

The Holidays either bring out the worst or the best in people.

I’ve spent the majority of today helping my mother finish some errands that she needed to get done ahead of Christmas.

After being met with ‘Fuck you, bitch’ and ‘Get out of my way, idiot’ in store, being cut off in traffic and having people flash me the middle finger while driving, having someone berate me because they didn’t like my park job, I was tired. So tired. I didn’t want to be out anymore. Grumpy people are exhausting on regular days, but when there’s so very many of them out this time of year, it’s exhausting to try and deal with.

My mother and I went into Winners for the last stop of the day and she wanted to get one pair of sweatpants for each of her sons. (She does it every year) I was just excited that it was the last stop of the day.

With four items in tow, we approached the till and it was quite a long line with only one physical till open.The woman who walked up behind us appeared to only be purchasing a coffee mug and she had a toddler who was begging her to go and whining that they didn’t want to be in the store anymore.

My mom offered that she go in front of us because, while it wasn’t a big difference in time, it was just that much faster. The woman said thank you, went in front and then she asked my mom who she was buying for. My mom told her she has four sons and she buys them one nice pair of sweatpants every year instead of pajamas. They went on to chat for a couple of minutes while they waited for their turns in line at the till and I just stood there awkwardly left out of their conversation just lurking.

When we got up to the till the cashier scanned through each pair of the pants, she pushes a couple of buttons on the till and then says ‘I owe you $14.90’.


My mom and I were both incredibly confused.

The cashier said ‘The woman in line in front of you gave me a $100 bill and asked that I use it to pay for your clothing, give you any change that is left over, and wish you a merry Christmas… so, MERRY CHRISTMAS!’ she said.


It was such a shock and a huge deal for my mom. She’s basically been budgeting since August for Christmas and the woman in line in front of us paid for our gifts out of goodness and kindness and sheer shock! She didn’t stick around to see the look on my mom’s face or anything. We couldn’t even say thank you. By the time we learned the woman in front of us had paid for my mom’s gifts, she’d long since gone.

Today’s been such a weird day. I was totally hating on humanity for all of the ugly behaviour I saw this morning and afternoon at our various stops of the day, and then this woman comes along and pays for Christmas gifts for my mom ‘just because’ and totally turns my whole mood for the day around.

To the kindest of strangers, thank you. Just being able to keep that extra $100 in her bank account, for my mom this time of year, means a great deal to her. I wish I could have stopped and thanked you in person.

Worries and such.

I had a dizzy spell yesterday. I lost peripheral vision for a short period and it was so bad that I was too scared to drive anywhere. I didn’t want to worry anyone so I told my family that I was going to call my best friend so that they wouldn’t bug me while they thought I was on the phone and I ended up staying in bed for several hours because of it. I actually fell down the stairs as I was heading to my room, which really scared me. My anxious mind wandered a lot of places and my rational mind told me I should just sleep it off.

I fell down the seedy dark corners of trying to diagnose myself using google and found nothing good.

The one good thing I did find is that you can get blurred peripheral vision from severe sinus pressure and head pressure. I’ve been battling a nasty sinus infection and, because if it, woke up with a pretty horrendous headache yesterday.

I’m chalking it up to that, for now.

It went away after I laid in the dark for a while.

I do not need to diagnose myself on google anymore. If anything else happens, a doctor can tell me what’s wrong with me.