Is this Instagram or Reality?

I love Instagram. I really do. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve likely seen just how much useless nonsense I share on the platform. My stories make zero sense. Anyways, quarantine has given me a lot of extra time to browse. There’s so much of a fake reality on the platform that I just breeze past typically, not giving it a second glance. But hey, now that I’m under quarantine, I’ve got lots of time to look.

Disclaimer: I have no ill will towards any of the people who posted any of these photos. I am merely sharing for the purpose of 1) Good Fun and 2) To remind everyone that a little brightening or lightening can make a photo pop, but please don’t take it too far. A curated life isn’t really a life… just bits and bobs of photoshopped memories that won’t mean as much as the over the years.

I really hope each of these people kept their originals. I bet their originals were so much better.


Firstly, Paris is offended. One of the most beautiful cities on earth, where virtually EVERYTHING seems to be ‘Instagrammable’ so to speak, and you feel the need to do this?

Secondly, who do you think you’re fooling? Is there anyone on earth who would believe this realistic? Are there people in this world who believe that pilots fly this close to freestanding towers and internationally renowned tourist destinations?


“Don’t mind me. Felt cute just going on bare-foot frolic next to the Colosseum. How perfect is my life?”

ROME? ROME? You don’t think people are going to be able to tell when you’ve photoshopped yourself into Rome? I see what you did there, being on your toes and all. That’s a clever trick to make it easier to plant yourself on any surface. Next, lets take this exact same photo to… the Vowing Hands of Vietnam.


The caption said this was at the Chicago Skydeck. This photoshop is bad. Just baaaaaaad. The stitching around each of their frames is so evident, the sky has been far too saturated to look real, and somehow, they managed to catch a windy enough day… inside, for their gowns to blow.

Just ignore the bottom left and right corners where the city is the same colour as they sky. They did not photoshop the sky and accidentally photoshop small bits of the city too and hope no one would notice.


As someone who lives in Northern Canada and sees the Northern lights several times a year, I can assure you, this sky is not real. Can you see stars at the same time as you see the Northern Lights? Yes. Do the stars shine through the Northern lights like you can see in this photo? No. Because her stars are fake. Also, is that a UFO in the top left, or did she bring a spotlight with her, or is there absolutely zero light pollution from the moon?

There’s a big beautiful world out there filled with wonder and amazement. If you are one of the lucky ones who gets to see it, or at the very least pieces of it, and you feel like sharing it on Instagram, please don’t take the editing too far.

Seek out credible sources

It is of vital importance during this time that you seek out credible and reliable sources for information regarding COVID-19 and how to keep you and your family members safe.

Bloggers may give out advice, but please take it as what it is… advice from a blogger, not a medical physician or anyone who specializes in infectious diseases. And if your government leader is screaming at reporters, please don’t panic because he is.

YouTube Influencers are not credible sources. Bloggers are not credible sources. A friend of a friend telling you something they heard from a friend is not a credible source. I’m sure they’re all very nice people, but they’re not who you should be turning to in a time like this.

Please use your due diligence and common sense.

We all come from different parts of the world and we’ve all been given different information and guidelines based on where we live and how it’s affected our country. For this reason, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about what is happening in your country, or what should be done there. If you’re looking for a good place to start, I recommend the World Health Organization.

After that, please just make sure that wherever you’re getting your information from, it’s a trusted and reliable source.

Memorial Service is not happening.

We spent this afternoon/evening calling and emailing all of our family, extended family, extended-extended family, people we treat as family, friends and former coworkers to let them know.

At the end of the day, there would easily be 200 people coming for the service, and, with many of them being elderly, we don’t want to put anyone in harms way. I have to believe that’s what he would have wanted too. He wouldn’t want anyone he loves running the chance of getting sick from travelling to his service.

We’re talking about maybe hosting one later in the year… maybe in August around when his birthday would have been (if things calm down by then). But for now, it’s the right decision to not have one.

Guest Post: How being a loner can be one of your most useful and powerful assets

The following is a guest post written by V from the blog StormyNook. V’s first language is Italian, and he likes to share motivational and thoughtful content to help everyone be the very best version of themselves.

If you fall in this category and you think that being a loner it’s sad, or brings you misfortune…

Think again. You’ve probably been misusing or neglecting your “superpowers” while falling prey to your self-loathing.

Useless! You should instead exploit your UNFAIR perks.

What are they, you ask?
Let me give you some of them:


Before you enter “forever alone” mode, hear me out. I don’t mean it in a bad way.

Because by being able to do so, on paper-you don’t have the urge to have social interactions, when compared to more outgoing individuals.

Who actually need to be around people to feel great-and might experience & feel loneliness more than you.

Instead, you’re fine both ways!


And this, I consider a cheat code for life, IF you can exploit it.

Think about this.
If you avoid unnecessary social interactions (Spending nights out drunk, meaningless hanging around, useless partying that leaves you in pieces in the morning, ecc..)

You have the ability to use that otherwise wasted time, so you can focus on:

  • The things you LOVE
  • Your projects\business
  • Improving yourself
  • Learning stuff
  • Becoming a better human, overall

More time on your hands = More relaxation = More time to get ahead of people, HAH!

Isn’t it amazing?


Now this might sound cold-hearted and very “inhuman” even, but…

There are some kind of relationships you’re better off without.
I’m talking about the toxic ones.

The ones that hold you back,
That damage you,
That are not giving as much as you,
That you don’t really enjoy.

And while you shouldn’t cut off people randomly from your life (because that IS IMMATURE and shows that you can’t handle cultivating a relationship)

There are times when doing this it’s much needed.

And, being a loner- this might not have the same emotional impact on you-because you’re used to being on your own.

Giving you the ability to be more detached, logic-driven & able to walk away from something that is not for you.

Thank you to V for his contribution to #MillennialLifeCrisis. His blog is StormyNooK. Click here to visit StormyNook > and, while you’re there, drop him a nice note. Being as he’s in Italy right now, he’s under Corona Quarantine and could use some sunshine in his life.

Friday the 13th.

Long time no talk.

Thank you to Ian, Iseult, Jos, Navin, Mer, Geneva, Seema, Italian V, Hilary and Steve for checking on me over the past week and a half. Thank you for your text messages, emails, direct messages, phone calls, patreon messages, tweets and Instagram chats of encouragement and kindness. I’m sorry if I did not respond. Just know that I did see them and I did appreciate them.

And thank you to everyone who has left kind words here on this blog.

Where I’m at:

Right now my family is discussing delaying the Memorial service until a later date, when Corona Virus is less rampant and has calmed down a little more. There are a lot of elderly relatives, some with health issues, some without, who would be coming to the service and with Corona on the rise, we really don’t want to put any of them in harms way by having a large gathering of people. Even if it is for a a Memorial Service.

It’s sad. I feel like when everyone passes the very least that they deserve is a service for their family and friends to gather and remember him/her. Right now I’m genuinely wondering if this gets pushed back whether or not it’ll happen at all. I know it’s the smart decision to not put anyone in harms way. Also, I do reckon there’d easily be 200 people at this service, so I know if does get postponed, that is the right thing to do. It’s still sad, though.

Speaking of Corona Virus, panic has hit. I’m sure it’s hit the rest of the world too, based off what I’ve been reading. But, it’s definitely hit my neck of the woods. This town has been out of toilet paper for DAYS. People panic buying up all of the shelf stable foods and our grocery stores are crowded at the cash registers whilst the aisles are looking more and more like ghost towns. We have enough to get us by for the next week-and-a-half to two weeks. I would be lying if I said I’m not worried about what’s going to happen next time I need to go to the grocery store though. I’m very anxious about what we’re going to be going without next time we go to the store.

Please, please, please do not panic buy out grocery store shelves. We all need to be in this together. And if the young, healthy and financially stable individuals are buying out grocery stores ‘because they can’ then the people who really need necessities won’t be able to get their hands on them. Those most vulnerable to this virus won’t be able to get by and will be even more so in harms way then they already are. The elderly, those on fixed incomes, those with weakened immune systems, we need to be taking care of everyone right now. Buying 100 rolls of toilet paper for our own homes is not necessary and is taking essential goods away from people who really need it.

I actually saw a video on YouTube where someone with 200,000 followers filmed themselves buying $200 worth of toilet paper (I keep going back to the example of toilet paper because it seems so scarce everywhere right now) and joke about how they were going to sell it on Ebay. That got me wondering and I went online and there are people selling it locally online (Facebook Maketplace and Kijiji) for $50, $60 and $70.

We need to be better than this people. We need to be better than taking advantage of people during a worldwide health pandemic. As a human race, we need to be better. We need to look after one another to ensure that we all remain healthy.

Unrelated to any of this, I am still in the running for a position with the Engineering firm. I am out of the running for a position with the Real Estate company. I am also trying to do my taxes, which, between living in two provinces, having three T4 slips from two provinces and needing to declare the money made from consulting, has been a real pain in the ass.

Is March over yet? This month feels as though it’s been a thousand years.

Check in on people.

EDIT: Please do not reblog/repost this. It was hard enough for me to share to start with, I really don’t want to see it on someone else’s blog. I’ve gotten a few emails stating people are reblogging this. If you did, I would kindly ask that you please delete the post.

On March 3rd at 7:13 pm we received a call from the Coroners office to provide notification that someone very near and dear to my heart was no longer with us.

I was at the grocery store when I heard the news. I don’t remember exactly what happened or how long I was sobbing on the floor next to the ginger ale, but I do remember one of the men who works there walking up to me and asking what was wrong and if he could call someone for me.

I pulled myself together, walked out of the store and made the world’s longest eight minute drive to go and pick up my mother and tell her the news.

My brother and his family will be return from Denmark soon. The rest of my siblings, nieces and nephews are already here. In the days following we’ve been notifying everyone, connecting with the coroner to sign for the remains, arranging for transportation of the remains and planning a memorial service.

Should memorial service be capitalized due to the nature of the event? Is that even a coherent though? I’m not sure at this point.

I had no idea there would be so many people to notify, that we would have to have the same horrifying conversation over and over. Aunts, uncles, cousins, employers, friends, foes… all different variations of the same conversation.

‘What happened?’ I don’t know.

‘When did it happen?’ I don’t know.

‘How are you doing?’ I don’t know.

‘I am so, so sorry.’ Me too.

If I’ve learned anything from the past couple of days, it’s this: check in on people. Call them, text them, email them, go and see them if you can. Hug them. Tell them they matter. Life is very fragile. You really don’t ever get a warning from the universe about the last time you heard someone’s voice being the last time that you’ll ever hear their voice.

My family and I are taking it day by day. Right now, there’s a memorial service to plan, a will to be found and last wishes to be fulfilled.

Thank you to the couple of people who’ve checked on me. People saying ‘Hey, it’s not like you to not post for a couple of days’, it really means a lot that you’ve noticed.