Good News Wednesday

I actually heard some really great news today. So great that I don’t really know how to process it. After the year that it’s been, I’m not used to hearing good news. I’m not familiar with the feeling of smiling and it not being forced.

We’ve also reached a whopping 16 degrees here today (60 Fahrenheit) and the snow is ALMOST gone. The sun is shining and things are genuinely looking up. Did I just jinx things by saying that? I certainly hope not.

Grocery store math

I had to buy razor blades. I’ve needed razor blades for a while but I have been putting it off because I find them to be so dang expensive that I hate buying them.

Anyone else think that razor blades cost way more than they should? Just me?

So, tonight I made a run for the grocery store just ten minutes before it was to close in hopes that would make for less people in the store. (Totally viable strategy by the way)

The hygiene aisle. Oh, the hygiene aisle is a bad place to be.

This is going to sound very whiny of me, but I’ll just put it out there… shit marketed towards women is ALWAYS more expensive than the counterpart marketing towards women. It just is. That’s actually another reason why I hate buying razor blades.

You can buy a totally bomb razor from the men’s side of the aisle for $10. Four refill cartridges cost between $10-15. You can buy an average razor on the women’s side of the aisle for anywhere from $16-22. If you want a good razor, it’s likely going to cost $25 or more. And cartridges for those… oh the cartridges…

I went to the grocery store to buy refill cartridges for my razor. I already have the razor. I don’t need a new razor. How many more times can I say razor in the same paragraph? Stop me, please… I’m in a sarcastic asshole kind of mood and I could probably go all night.

Four refill cartridges for my razor at the grocery store were priced at $25.99 (and that is on sale, they are regular $28.99… three dollars off… whoop-dee-do). Five refill cartridges plus the razor, the value pack, was priced at $22.99. (three dollars less… whoop-dee-do)

Wait a minute.

I can buy four cartridges for $25.99, or I can buy five cartridges and the razor for $22.99?


It seems like a no-brainer to me. Buy the one with five cartridges. Five cartridges is three dollars less so the obvious move is to throw out my current razor and let it sit in the landfill for the next 400 years. Yeah, that’s overdramatic, I know. But it’s the truth.

Truth is men’s razors are often better anyway.

Truth: most products geared towards men are cheaper. It’s actually a practice that’s been coined in economics as the pink tax. Example:

Women’s 74g deodorant for $5.97 at Walmart
Men’s 85g deodorant for $5.27 at Walmart

The price difference is small. So small that people don’t often notice it. But the truth is, over a year… hell, even over a lifetime these differences add up.

These deodorants are priced at Walmart in the nearest town. They’re made by the same brand, likely in the same manufacturing plant (though that’s just speculation) and one is marketing towards Women and one is marketed towards men. The difference in prices varies more when you look at differing brands. As a whole, men’s deodorant is much cheaper.

Why does the women’s deodorant cost more? These products serve one purpose and it’s the same purpose for men and women.

I’m just ranting right now. The moral of this whole story is that razors are expensive and if you want to go to the store when it’s emptiest, pick ten minutes before closing.

Okay, bye.


Getting projectile vomited all over was not in the itinerary for today but here we are. Some days you’re walking on sunshine and some days you’re cleaning the remnants of someone else’s dinner out of your hair and off your skin and you just can’t quite get yourself in the shower or your clothing in the washing machine fast enough.

Happy Mother’s Day

She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there, leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.”

JD Salinger

Thank you to all of the moms, step moms, foster moms, guardian moms and grandmas and every other woman taking on a motherly role in someone’s life. You continue to hold the universe together for each and every one of us, and for that, infinite gratitude just never seems enough.

Your children are lucky to have you. The universe is lucky to have you. What would life have been like, if not for the tireless effort and endless hours you’ve invested? Sending love and lots of it.

Thank you. All of you.

Karma doing it’s thing…

Screenshots have been posted online of someone I once knew having hideous conversations with his friends via text message. There’s 32 different screenshots (that I’ve seen) of him basically attacking people. I’m talking callous, uncalled for, completely vile things being said. These things said, about people he knew, people he only knew-of but has never met, completely random photos he came across of people on the internet, just kind of make you want to throw up when you read them. He also admits to a drug addiction and that he’s sleeping with the wife of one of his friends (not in the conversation) and goes on to say some pretty nasty things about her, too.

He made an apology, of course…

His apology says that he’s sorry to anyone he’s offended and that this conversation isn’t a reflection of who he is, it’s just ‘locker room talk’ that was never meant to be made public. Anyone heard that excuse before?

The one where I talk about guns part two

I talked about guns on my blog a couple of days ago.

I thought, with it being such a contentious issue, that there might be some disagreements with my perspective. And I was fine with that. For the most part, the comments section was left very cordial and very respectful. Emails that I got on the other hand… that’s a whole different story.

Part of me thinks these emails that I did receive were sent to me via email rather than the person leaving a comment on my page because keyboard warriors much prefer the art of anonymity rather than allowing me to know what their blog link is.

I could be wrong. And by all means, if you are reading this and you’re the person that wrote me the nasty emails, feel free to share your blog link with me. I’d love to read more of your perspective that isn’t in the form of nasty emails.

For the purpose of this post, though, I’d like to clarify that my perspectives about guns, gun violence and the bad people in this world that commit violent acts towards others, they do not come from an uninformed place. I am not naive with respect to the subject, or the world that we live in for that matter.

I don’t talk a lot of specifics about the people in my life. That’s for a reason. Sure, I mention their existence, but I respect their privacy and I know that they haven’t agreed to me talking about them all over the internet, so I try to not mention anything too personal about any of them. That being said, here’s some personal info:

A member of my immediate family served as a police officer for 26 year in several Canadian cities. A member of my extended family presently serves as a Police Detective in a major American city that’s population has very deep trust issues with the police. I also once dated someone who’s father was the Chief of Police.

I’ve heard stories that the general public would never be privy to, ever. Horrifying, terrifying stories about what goes on behind the scenes. Things that police officers deal with that never make it to the five-o-clock news.

I’ve sat at the side of a hospital bed to hold the hand of someone recovering from surgery and a bullet wound.

I’ve hugged someone just seconds after they learned their loved one had been shot and killed, feeling their tears running down my shoulder as I held them tightly, trying to give them some comfort in what can, at times, be an extraordinarily cruel world.

In early 2019 I briefly had a roommate who was in the process of applying for his firearms license. This was a deeply distressed man with a very expensive cocaine addiction who Knight and I often considered might even be bipolar. As we watched him go through the process of obtaining his firearm license because, and I quote directly ‘guns are fun and shit’, I was reminded that it’s a lot easier to get a firearm license in this country than it is to get a driver’s license. And that scared me. It scared me a lot. Watching him go through the process to obtain his firearm license brought back a lot of bad memories for me.

It’s easier to get a firearms license than it is to get a drivers license. And why? Because ‘guns are fun and shit’ is not a reasonable answer.

Okay, to touch on another piece to this topic that I think often gets overlooked…. when someone obtains a firearms license, they’re subject to a background check before they’re able to get the license. Thing is, a background check doesn’t tell whether or not you’ve committed a crime, it merely tells where you’ve been convicted of a crime. I think people often use the passing of this background check as a means to proclaim someone a ‘law abiding citizen’ when the truth is, passing a background check does not make you law abiding, it just means that you’ve never been charged or convicted for the things that you’ve done. And there are A LOT of people in this world who have no criminal record who commit heinous acts both with and without guns on a daily basis. So when people throw around the term ‘law abiding citizen’ that’s a red flag for me. This roommate that Knight and I briefly lived with in 2019, he was in no way, shape or form a law abiding citizen (on several fronts, not just related to his affection for possessing and distributing illegal substances) and he passed his background check.

Nevertheless, this post isn’t about him. This post is about the fact that, if you want to call me naive, idiotic or tell me that I’m misinformed about guns, you’re severely mistaken. I’d be happy to have an open and respectful conversation about where our differences lie, but if your first inclination is to hurl insults my direction because you’re unhappy with my perspective, I suspect that conversation likely won’t go very far.

I don’t like guns.

I don’t say that haphazardly, or from an uninformed perspective. I’m not a ‘stupid leftist’. I’m not naive with respect to the subject. I just don’t like guns.

Also, to clarify, in no way, shape or form in that post that I made did I state that guns should be banned all together. There are times and places where guns are important. I simply said that I agreed with the Prime Minister, that in Canadian society, there’s no need for every day citizens to possess assault rifles.

22 people lost their lives in Nova Scotia in April. The announcement the Prime Minister made banning these guns from being legally owned in Canada is the first step in what I’m sure will be a multi-layered plan to clean these weapons from our society as I agree with him, they’re not necessary for every day people to possess. I didn’t say that was the only step. I also said that any plans in place by law enforcement and the federal and provincial governments to stop the flow of weapons being illegally transported into Canada would NEVER be publicized. People who use this talking point that ‘Canada needs to focus on stopping weapons illegally transported into the country’ are doing nothing more than deflecting. They know enough to know that information would never be made public knowledge. It’s just easier to look outraged than it is to suggest that there might be more than one solution to fixing this problem.

Also, to the people who left comments on that post suggesting that mental health services could play an integral piece to the puzzle, I agree. But I would like it noted that it’s not the only piece to the puzzle. Easier access to mental health resources for any and all citizens is a great benefit and could probably play an important impact. But it’s not the fix it solution. It’s a piece. Because there will always be people who fall through the cracks. There will always be people who avoid help or distrust help or just flat out are too stubborn to ask for help. And those people, those people are still legally allowed to obtain firearm licenses in this country and it’s easier for them to do so than it is for them to get a drivers license. Thaaaaaat is why legally banning assault rifles and semi-automatic/fully-automatic weapons is also an integral piece to the puzzle.

Very opinionated post about politics

I watched an interview earlier in which Jared Kushner dubbed President Trump’s response to the Corona Virus Pandemic hitting the United States as a tremendous success.

Stepping aside from the fact that he needs to kiss his father-in-law’s ass as a means to remain in good standing with the family, and to quite literally have any job at this point in time, ignoring the silver spoon and ignoring the sheer idiocy of what is Fox News, I can’t help but think of the 61,000 families who’ve lost a loved one, be it a family member or friend, over the past two months. I can’t help but think of how utterly cold and offensive a statement like Kushner’s must seem. When he steps in front of that camera and peddles this complete and utter bullshit to the American public, it must feel as though he’s kicking 61,000 families while they’re already down. I would suggest a correlation between Kushner’s statements and spitting on the graves of those Americans lost, but honestly… 61,000 people have died in two months and he’s celebrating when these people haven’t even been properly laid to rest.

When President Trump ‘celebrates’ how low he’s keeping the death toll, it must make 61,000+ families feel as though the lives of their family members and friends who’ve passed are expendable to a government who’s leader promised he would stand up for the underdog. Celebrating a death toll, under any circumstances, showcases a serious character flaw that we all knew existed, but many refuse to acknowledge.

When President Trump spews complete nonsense from the podium day after day after day, only to turn around and claim he was being ‘sarcastic to see how news reporters would spin it’, it must make millions of people shake there heads and wonder why the fuck this idiot thinks right now is the appropriate time for sarcasm, under any circumstance. I know that’s how I feel.

Listen, I’m not American. I’m an outsider looking in and I’m looking in because I know that what happens in the United States is going to have a very real and lasting effect on my country. We’re not without problems in Canada. And yes, things suck right now. We are not immune to issues by any means. But it also sucks everywhere. It just seems like the USA is competing for a gold medal in the who can suck the absolute most Olympics. Or who can convey they have the coldest hearts.

Because there are as many people now out of work in the United States as there are people who live in Canada. And that hits me. As someone who knows the extreme lows that come with unemployment, that hits me really hard. I feel for these people who are struggling. People struggling to find the balance between remaining healthy/alive and feeding their families.

When Mitch McConnell says that he refuses to bail out blue states, I can’t help but think that this isn’t the time for a political pissing match or a dick measuring contest. (Vulgar, yeah, I know) When the Governor of Georgia waits until April to announce that he’s only just learned people can be asymptomatic carriers of this virus, infecting dozens or more without even knowing it, only to less than a month later say ‘Fuck it, social distancing is too hard’, I can’t help but think that it must really suck to be in Georgia and coming to the realization that they really don’t care if you live or die.

And when I hear about these tests, these ‘beautiful tests’ as Donald Trump touts them, the tests that are for everyone, the tests that Mike Pence needs to clarify were distributed but not processed, I can’t help but think what the fucking point is in having tests distributed if they can’t fucking be processed.

Literally, when Donald Trump gets out of office, he’s going to write a tell all book (and by write, I mean dictate because the man can’t speak so he definitely cannot write) about how he fucked over the United States of American. He’s going to sit on his golden throne on the top of Trump Tower and laugh about how many lives he ruined and how he’s going to go down in history for just how ‘beautiful’ of a job he’s done.

Side note – I don’t think he knows any other adjectives beyond ‘beautiful’. Beautiful tests, beautiful phone calls with the Ukrainian government, beautiful letters from North Korean dictators… oh don’t get me started with North Korean dictators…

For everyone who’s lost a loved one, a friend, a colleague, a neighbour, a stranger who you appreciated, I am sorry. I cannot imaging the pain you’re going through at this time. For everyone who is struggling, who doesn’t know how they’re going to make it through this, I am sorry. We will get through this together, whilst keeping a safe distance. And for the doctors, nursese, health care workers, and anyone on the front lines or working essential work right now to keep us all going through this, thank you. I cannot explain how much you mean to me, and though I don’t want to speak for a collective, how much you mean to all of us. You’re heroes. Full stop.

End rant. For now.