Jim and Pam for life.

I know that I’m about 15 years late to the party but I recently started watching The Office. Jim and Pam are so perfect. I love them. I know it’s a completely fictional story-line but wouldn’t it be wonderful if all love was rainbow and sunshine like their love?

The sarcasm on this show is incredible. I don’t know why it took me this long to actually sit down and watch. It’s not like everyone and their dogs have told me that I need to see it throughout the past 15 years.


After a week of contemplation, I have made the decision to renew my blog for one more year. Mostly because I need an outlet and I was/am unsure of what to rebrand to. Also, despite the fact that some things have fallen into place (and some things definitely have) my life is still very much in crisis mode.

Seriously. It’s a fight to keep myself from dying, chopping off my hair AND cutting bangs.

I am still considering changing my name and running away to The Maldives to live on the beach. Actually, I think that plan will probably stay fresh in my mind for as long as it takes me to actually get to The Maldives. Perhaps there is something simple I could do there for work to sustain the simple beach life I desire.

In other news: my little brother is currently on baby-watch. His other-half could go into labour with their second child any hour now. She’s two days past her due date.

In other, other news: my baby brother has been keeping a secret that he and his other-half will be having their second child in just three months.

Babies, babies everywhere.

Okay, I should really get back to work.

Renew or rebrand

My WordPress plan has expired.

It has not been renewed, yet.

When you try to link to my page, the links will be broken. Broken links will hurt your SEO, so don’t do it! At least not right now.

When you try to find my page, you’ll see a message that says ‘millenniallifecrisis.org has expired’ and ‘please notify the site’s owner’. To those of you who have notified me today, thank you. I am aware.

You should be able to find posts on your WordPress reader, for now. From my understanding, posts are being reverted back to the free-links that come from a Free WordPress account. So, if you’re an email subscriber to this blog, you’ll likely see them in your email but you won’t be able to click on a link to see it further.

I’m not too sure the route I want to take this blog. I’m at a bit of a crossroads with respect to my digital footprint right now. You could call it a bit of a Millennial Life Crisis. I’m considering renewing and I am also considering rebranding. I wasn’t really going to say anything until I’d made a decision but, enough people have noticed and asked me that I thought I better acknowledge it.

When I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share. Until then, hopefully nobody steals my URL. Thank you for all of the kind emails and Instagram messages and comments today.


I was given a subscription to Netflix for six months as a Christmas present this year. It’s actually one of those most thoughtful gifts someone could have given me with the amount of time I spend at home.

I have been watching E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I’ve missed over the years. Since I didn’t own a television from 2006-2020, I largely just watched shows available on YouTube. I mean, when I was unemployed last year, I would watch shows occasionally with family members, but it was never anything I chose. Now I get to choose.

I have been watching:

  • Richie Rich – Technically I had already seen this but it’s still just as good as it was when I was a kid
  • Law Abiding Citizen – This movie was so good!
  • Forrest Gump – A movie that was 2.5 hours and didn’t bore me
  • Braveheart – A movie that was 3 hours and that I didn’t love
  • Superbad – It was actually kind of funny
  • Godfather 1 & 2 – Not the hugest fan of these movies
  • V for Vendetta – THIS WAS SO GOOD
  • How I Met Your Mother – I’m realizing there are episodes I never saw when it was airing, though I thought I’d seen the whole show

Since closures here will continue for several weeks longer, at least, it looks like Netflix is going to come in handy to help with my boredom.

If anyone has any recommendations for things to watch on Netflix, please share!

Is it inauguration day yet?

Everyone who worked for the Trump administration that has resigned from their positions since Wednesday, they do not deserve praise. At least not in my opinion. The events of domestic terrorism that occurred at the US Capitol on Wednesday afternoon were the culmination of four years of garbage governance. Someone drawing a line in the sand two weeks prior to the transfer of power from one administration to the next is nothing more than ceremonial at best.

These people are not displaying any morality by quitting their jobs only after Donald Trump’s actions directly affected them. So long as it was everyone else in the country that were shit on by the Trump administration over the past four years, they didn’t care. As soon as they were affected by it, that’s where the line in the sand is drawn? This is a personal decision to save their own skin.

I said recently, with respect to Canadian public officials, that those who work in public office should always be held to a higher standard than the general public. I believe this should be true everywhere. While I know it’s not, the United States should not be immune to this concept. These people shouldn’t be able to slip away quietly into the night to settle into some other life in some other city and not be forced to live with the ramifications of their direct actions the past four years. No, they weren’t the president. However, there is a lot more at play here beyond “the opinions of my employer do not reflect myself”. When you play an active role in public policy, the actions of the government you work for are a reflection of yourself.

As for everyone who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, I am in shock of just how many people have proudly identified themselves as rioters online. It’s one thing to commit a crime, it’s another to believe that your privilege excludes you from consequence of that crime.

This administration and the effects of the previous four years will not reflect well on American history.

Stupid people in public office part 2

A senior public servant at the Public Health Agency of Canada accepted an all-expenses-paid holiday to Jamaica courtesy of Air Canada Vacations in November, even as her agency has been advising Canadians since March to avoid non-essential travel to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Dominique Baker, the acting manager at PHAC’s Office of Border and Travel Health, flew with a friend to the upscale, all-inclusive Royalton Blue Waters resort in Montego Bay in mid-November.

Courtesy of The Gobe and Mail


I cannot even begin to explain the frustrations I have with the behaviour displayed by Canadians working in public office, believing they’re above the guidelines their very fucking offices are implementing.

This is… this is… this is nuts.

In her ‘off time’ from her day job, Dominique Baker is a social-media ‘lifestyle influencer’. I hate that term. The very people we elevate as a society to hold influence over people are the people who seem to make the worst decisions, have zero morality, common sense or decency and… believe there’s a standard for us normal folk and a different standard for themselves.

How does she still have a job?

How is it not a conflict of interest that, in her ‘off time’ she’s accepting all-inclusive, paid for vacations from one of Canada’s largest corporations in the middle of a global pandemic? She literally works in the office that manages the federal regulations that have been handed down to Canadian with respect to international travel for the past ten months.

How is Air Canada paying for her holiday not being treated as a secret lobbying effort? They paid for her to take an international vacation just as Canada entered the worst month of COVID of 2019, knowing full well what office she worked in and what position she held within the office that manages the federal regulations on international travel.

And again, HOW DOES SHE STILL HAVE A JOB? She’s working for the government. She’s making three, if not four, times the salary of the average Canadian, she exhibits this behaviour and it’s totally okay?

Now, and only now, that this is public knowledge, she posted a short video to her Instagram today, exclaiming that this was a safe trip, but it was the wrong time to go. Comments are limited to come from only people that she follows, so of course it’s all of her friends kissing her ass and telling her they love her for owning up to her mistakes. From what I can see, her video is the farthest thing from owning up to her mistakes.

Also, she said “If you’ve been thinking about getting away, I urge you to stay home until it’s safe.” That’s rich coming from someone who’s already back from her trip, only encouraging practicing safety now that she’s made national news, and just fifteen seconds prior assured us that her trip was completely safe.

Meanwhile I’m hear in Calgary, haven’t seen a soul outside of video chat. It’s worth noting that since November when numbers started rising here in Calgary (and all over Canada), more than 3,000 surgeries and treatments deemed non-essential have been postponed due to the COVID pandemic. In her home province they’ve been averaging 1,500 – 2,000 cases per day and I cannot even begin to fathom how many people have had their treatments and surgeries delayed because of it. Field hospitals are being built in parking lots across this country because our health care system is overrun, past capacity and cannot be sustained with current facilities.

But it’s okay, because she was super-super safe, and there was noooooooo conflict of interest whatsoever in her accepting an all-inclusive paid vacation to Jamaica as Canada was tightening travel restrictions and quarantine time?


COVID Continues Part 2

I’ve received a few group emails from family members this morning, each letting us know that my great uncle passed away in hospital last night from COVID.

He was admitted to hospital on December 2nd, alongside his wife. They’d been living in a long-term care facility and contracted the virus from an outbreak in the facility. His wife passed away on December 30th from COVID.

I can’t even imagine what his kids have been going through this past week. Their parents died alone in hospital, a week apart.

Seditious Conspiracy

What the bleep is happening in Washington? I mean, I know what’s happening but… WTF.

What’s happening in Washington DC right now is exactly what Donald Trump has been stoking for months, years even. This is his doing. This is a sad, pathetic loser who cannot control the will of the majority.

There are people on social media seeking sympathy because of injuries sustained in their… well, let’s call it what it is, domestic terrorist riot. I’m sorry if I don’t feel sorry for you for getting maced because you’re sad your unintelligible doofus of choice wasn’t reelected. He should’ve never been elected to start with. What’s really sad to me is these people are genuinely uninformed enough, and swayed enough from Trump’s speeches, that they genuinely believe they’re standing for something by doing this.

I really cannot wait for the day Donald Trump disappears into obscurity, where he belongs. I hope that the Republican Party spends the next four years rebuilding the party they’ve so effortlessly destroyed over the past four. I do believe opposition parties have value in government. I don’t believe the Republican party as-is brings any value to government. I don’t believe the Republican party as-is does anything but screw over Americans.

Also, thank you Georgia!

Also, thank you Stacie Abrams!

Hopefully now Mitch Mcconnell will fade into obscurity with Donald Trump.

Fuck everyone who rioted at the capital today. I was watching Emily D. Baker give her reactions to this on YouTube and she spoke to what I was, and am feeling. She said that while she wishes everyone who participated today in rioting at the capital could be arrested, charged and stand trial for their actions. She also said the realist in her knows that is entirely impossible and even if it were that would overwhelm the legal system.

Algorithms that I predict will ‘pop off’ in 2021

On blogs, on vlogs, on podcasts, YouTube, social media and beyond, these are some of the subjects I predict will see exponential growth in popularity throughout 2021.


With the world still deep in the throws of this pandemic, tens (if not hundreds) of millions out of work and a lot of those still working truly struggling with their finances, I predict we will see a shift in the digital paradigms away from ‘hauls’ and frivolous spending, towards budgeting.

What is a budget? How do you budget? What’s an appropriate budget for a single person, or a couple, or a family? While it might seem like second nature, it definitely doesn’t take the importance in the high-school curriculum that Pythagoras Theorem did. I predict people are going to be using the resources they still do have to research how to make better use of their money going forward.

Where does one go to get budgeting advice when they cannot afford the fees of a financial advisor? The world wide web.


Food prices are going up in 2021. In a lot of places they have already begun to rise. $100, or whatever you spend on your budget, isn’t going to stretch as far as it used to.

I predict people will, in droves, be searching advice of how to meal prep, how to cook and eat from home (rather than going out) and how to eliminate food waste. Gone are the days in which purchasing a $5 salad kit only to have it go bad in your fridge over two-three weeks is acceptable. People will be doing all that they can to eat the food that they purchase and get as much food as they can for as little as they can (how to shop sales).


The pandemic baby boom has already started, and will only continue to grow as quarantine babies are brought into this world.

I’ve already seen a lot of these moms sharing their stories on various digital platforms. From what they need for pregnancy to what they need for baby. From how they adjust to being a parent to what it’s like giving birth in a world that’s anything but stable, the mom content is going to grow in popularity over the next year. Moms will search other moms. Prospective parents will search moms. Random people will find moms and stay for the fascination aspect.


Another topic that will be popular due to a direct result of the pandemic and how it’s affected people. Yes, people struggled with drugs, alcohol and other substances prior to 2020, but 2020 made it just that much worse for a lot of people. As said people come to grips with their reality of addiction and try to find recovery, I do believe they will search for positive reinforcement and someone who understands what they’re going through.

Recovery. Healing. Acceptance. Rock bottom. Mental Health. These subjects all sort of… intertwine. I see 2021 being a big year for all of them in the digital sphere.


I don’t quite fully understand why this one has picked up so much steam so quickly, but it has. Gone are the days of investing being owned by the fiscally well-off, responsible, nearly a grandma/grandpa group. The promotion of investing from any age is taking hold. Simple blogs nurturing knowledge about penny stocks are garnering hundreds of thousands of views per week. Teenagers are becoming millionaires and convincing other’s to do it as well. I truly believe more people will seek out investing as their side-hustle, and if they do well enough, their primary hustle. (It’s worth noting it’s more of a rarity for it to become a primary hustle… in spite of what they want you to believe on the podcasts)

I’m already starting to see a shift into self-reliance and independence. I’m also seeing a shift away from ‘buy all the things’ to ‘us what you have’. I think that subjects elevated in 2021 will largely be about self-improvement. Last year everyone tie-dyed their clothing and learned how to make bread, this year they’re going to face their demons, their shortcomings and probably try to teach themselves how to play guitar.

**I need to make a mental note to come back to this post in one year’s time to see how close, or far off, I was from what turned out to be the year in trends.