Running away.

I wish I could say that you would like me if you got to know me, but the truth is most days I play a lead role in the award winning saga that is my life. Things happen that I have zero control over and about the only thing I have left to do is just try and roll with it. Trying to find the positive is hard. It’s really hard. And I don’t say that in a ‘feel bad for me’ kind of way. I just say that in a… when the world kicks you down, it hurts.


  • I have a job interview this afternoon. It’s for a job that I know I can do in a place that I do not want to work. But, it’s a job. And, after two months of being without work, it seems like it might just be a good fit for me right now. I can work at it for a while until I figure out my next move in life. Right?


  • I don’t want to feel like I’m settling. I went to school and I put in nearly a decade’s worth of work towards a career. I don’t want to walk that career backwards by taking a job that could reflect poorly on my resume.

It’s been bitterly cold here for the past month. Bitterly cold. In the past 26 days I can recall one day that the temperature was higher than -15 degrees Celsius. I am starting to think that my best option might be to run away to somewhere warm. Selling fruit on the side of a road on a Caribbean island sounds really appealing these days. It would also allow me to run from my problems, which, who doesn’t want to do that?

Life Updates:

My mom is progressing through her cancer treatments. I’m finding solace in the fact that after this she is hopefully going to be completely healthy and okay! She’s mad that she has to have a tattoo, she’s sad that her hair is falling out at alarming rates and she’s been very sick, but she’s fighting. And for that, I can’t help but feel thankful. Not everyone gets so lucky to find the cancer so early.

Knight got a parking ticket this morning. He was pretty impressed to go out and leave for work and find that on his car. I guess though, if a parking ticket is our biggest worry at this point, we’re laughing. It’s not as though we’re battling cancer or something horrendous has happened. Our problems, in the grande scheme of things are completely first world problems.

Missing the West Coast.

Okay, I best be off to get ready for my interview now. If I don’t run away, I’ll need to take advantage of this interview in hopes of employment.