Jayden tried again

I can’t handle that level of aggression.

Simmer down, you tempestuous idiot.

Jayden emails back to tell Murray and I he made a bad impression this morning and he’d to make it up to us. Then he goes on to tell me the newsletters he’s selling advertising space in have a 100% read rate, and that everyone reads them weekly.


Not true.

You don’t have 100% read rates because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to have 100% read rates.

Even the most popular, sought after brands on earth don’t have 100% read rates. People get sick. People go on holidays. People just ignore your emails. Don’t lie to me. Even if you’d some how mastered the art of audience interaction in which you were reaching maximum potential audience each week, there is no possible way in which you could have 100% read rates.

You saying that leads me to believe you think we’re idiots.

The joke is on you, you stupid, stupid man.

“Perhaps I should speak with your boss, again.”

Don’t cross me. I don’t have time, or patience, for it. Don’t be an idiot. Just don’t.

This morning… to start off a great Wednesday, I was contacted by someone selling advertising space. This someone, named Jayden, contacted my boss yesterday and was told that he needed to speak with me about any and all advertising that our company does.

Today Jayden called my office line and left me a vague voicemail asking me to call him back.

No thanks, Jayden. I’m not wasting my time on a phone call to get information that can be provided to me in an email. So, I emailed Jayden and said that if he’d like to provide me information, he can do so by email. I also mentioned that I’m working from home right now and that I do not give out my cell phone number very easily because people tend to keep it when I don’t want them to.

Jayden got my email and decided it would be a great idea to call my office line, again. This time Jayden pleaded with me that it’s imperative we speak by phone and that he appreciates human connection when he’s working with companies from around the country.

You know what I can’t do when I’m at home? Answer a fucking phone that’s on the 24th floor of an office tower downtown. As mentioned in the previous email, Jayden, I’m not giving you my cell phone number. You stupid? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

Jayden then sent me an email with an invitation to a Zoom call. Not for tomorrow. Not for a week from now. The zoom call was in progress. He was sitting on zoom waiting, hoping that I’d click the link and answer.

Again, you stupid, Jayden?

That’s so aggressive. He doesn’t know if I have a fucking meeting or not. Why would he just sit on zoom and wait?

I wrote Jayden an email and said ‘Please email any information you’d like to provide. I will review it when I am able and get back to you.’

Jayden wrote me back and said ‘It seems you cannot make time for me. Perhaps I should speak with [my boss’ name], again.”

Yeah, you know what, Jayden… why don’t you go call my fucking boss again. Go ahead. I dare you. I’m going to send him a note that tells him just how aggressive and stupid you’ve been this morning. I’m going to instruct him to tell you to fuck off. He’s not going to, because he’s a lot nicer than me. He’ll use much kinder words. And, though I don’t think you deserve kind words, he’s going to offer them to you anyway.

Have a nice life, Jayden.

A mish-mash of thoughts

Firstly, I had a post up last night about my nephew finally getting to go home. That’s right, Baby Harry is going home. I posted a photo of him in that post, and upon seeing it, my brother asked that I take it down. That’s why it disappeared. The important point is, Baby Harry finally gets to go home.

Switching gears, I am more disappointed then ever with the headhunter. I was told that I was one of three candidates and that I would be contacted last Friday (April 23) with their final decision. Guess who didn’t contact me last week? The headhunter. Guess who didn’t contact me today? The headhunter.

If they didn’t pick me, after seeking me out and asking me to declare interest in the role, interviewing me twice and telling me how great their company and position was, why couldn’t they tell me? If they didn’t pick me, how hard would it be to pick up the phone, or send an email, and say ‘Thanks, but no thanks’. If for some reason they didn’t decide last week (they probably did, but if for some reason they didn’t) why couldn’t they pick up the phone, or send an email, and say ‘We’re delayed. We’ll keep you posted’. Why couldn’t they just… update me? They sought me out. I didn’t go looking for the job. They got my hopes up.

It’s just disappointing…

Meanwhile, at my day job, the Texas crew is headed to California this week. For work? No. For fun? Yeah, I guess. I don’t fully understand what kind of fun people are getting into right now. I also don’t understand what kind of fun two pregnant women are going to have with their boss in California, even if it is California. Apparently it’s team bonding and it’s necessary. They joked that they’re ‘Going to test out the effectiveness of vaccines’. So…1/2 my sales team is gone for the rest of the week. Good for them? Personally, getting on an airplane sounds absolutely awful right now. But, as I am aware, not everyone thinks the same as I.

Other news? COVID is still bad here. The government still doesn’t really care. Today they’ve taken to blaming Indigenous people for the current severity of the situation. Don’t even get me started with how disgusting I find that comment to be. Every single time shit hits the fan, the government finds a BIPOC community to point blame towards.

Other, other news: my parents are vaccinated with their first dose. They both have said they handled it very well. They got their shots yesterday, so my mom’s been texting me every few hours with what she deems important updates. Earlier today she said ‘My right hand is itchy, do you think that’s a side effect?’ No mom, I don’t. You got your shot in your left arm…

Lastly, I think the snow has finally stopped. (Knock on wood) It’s actually quite sunny out today, which was a nice change. If it could stay like this, I think it would help my mood tremendously. We’ll see what mother nature has in store for us.

It’s still snowing.

I went for a drive during my lunch break because, you know, that’s what you do these days.

Alberta has double the cases per-capita of provincial counterpart, Ontario, a province with more then 10 million more people in it.

I also saw on the news last night a Virologist saying that Alberta has more cases per capita right now than in a lot of the US States. Now, I haven’t seen an actual stat for that, and I can’t find one online, but if he was telling the truth and not making a generalization, that sucks….

It’s so bad here other provinces are starting to restrict people from our province because we carry a risk of basically exponentially worsening the entire country if we province hop.

There are more cases in this city, presently, than in the entire province that my parents live in. So… I really don’t blame other provinces for wanting to tell us to just fucking stay home. (Yes, language is necessary because I’m in that kind of a mood)

Basically, we’re going to be here a long time to come.

So I went for a drive. In the snow. I saw the mountains, I saw a couple moose, some very confused geese, a pretty lake. It was… I guess as good as it could be.

I wore shorts and flip-flops in protest of the current weather. I didn’t go inside anywhere because… why bother.

Overheard on Discord – Keeping in the Family

Axel got dumped on his birthday. Axel did not have a good birthday.

There’s a little bit of information about Axel here, here and here, if you’ve got no idea whaaaaat I am talking about. He’s become quite the character in my life.

His girlfriend (ex-girlfriend now) broke up with him on his birthday because ‘she needed space’. For the record, I’ve never met the girl, but I’m not the fondest of her as well. She seems to make poor life choices from what I’ve heard… especially with what I’ve heard recently.

Not only did she catch COVID and spread it to at least six other people when she managed to give it to Axel on their first hook-up (I’d call it a date, but he tells the story and it wasn’t a date), but I’m pretty sure she decided Axel was a suitable boyfriend solely because he bought her things. Also, another story from discord that I never told on this blog was that in January she was driving whilst intoxicated and crashed Axel’s car. While their injuries were minimal, she was subsequently charged.

Well, in a relationship where the drama just keeps on giving, Axel told us on his birthday that his girlfriend had dumped him that morning.

Today he actually told us on discord that he’s not speaking to his brother right now because, when his girlfriend (now ex) dumped him, she started dating his brother.

I just…

Some people are like magnets for drama.

He’s been in a bummer of a mood the past few weeks though. I kind of figured he was just sad that he was lonely again. Turns out there was an extra blow to his all-too-tiny-of-an ego when his ex started dating his brother.

Drama magnet.

Vaccination Gratitude

Now that I’ve had my first shot, I cannot stress enough how grateful I am. I’m grateful to the scientists who made the vaccine, I’m grateful I live in a country where it’s accessible to me. I’m grateful to the people working tirelessly for sixteen hours a day trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

I feel like such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel so much less anxious. I feel so thankful. It is such a blessing to be able to be vaccinated.

I’m so thankful to have the added protection.

I’m so thankful that vaccines have been made more accessible in my province this week.

I’m so thankful that so many people appear to be getting them.

Vaccinations are a good thing. For everyone in society. If you have the chance, and it’s something that I highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to do (if you’re able, that’s of course, as I know it’s not medically possible for some people). If you have questions, please talk to your doctor. Or a doctor. Basically, ask a medical professional.

My anxiety has gone waaaaaaaaaaaay down since getting the shot. I’m still distancing and wearing a mask, of course. It’s just peace of mind to know that I have an added layer of protection. It feels so good to know that.

Plot Twist

My manager, who does not know that I met with a head hunter last week, notified me this morning that I am getting a raise. She said she wanted me to know how much she appreciates me and the value that I bring to the company and that she knows I’m overqualified for the position I’m presently working. She said that she hopes this raise will show a small token of her appreciation. She said the raise will be reflected on my next pay cheque.

I mean… awesome! I’m not going to say no to more money.

Weird that it comes immediately following my meeting with a head hunter.

Part of me wonders if she knows. I didn’t say anything and I haven’t seen any connections between her and the headhunter. Part of me wonders if she knows, though. It’s all too close together to be a coincidence, no?

Pfizer – One down, one to go

Thanks to the guidance of a few good folk, I managed to get the first dose of the Pfizer vaccination. Because my autoimmune condition does not affect my breathing, and because when my food allergies are managed those also don’t affect my breathing, I didn’t think either would allow me to qualify for getting a vaccination for another month or two. Turns out, I could get one now. So I did. I jumped at the chance.

Whilst I know that everyone responds to vaccinations differently, I wanted to share my experience. I feel like the more open people are about this, the more people will be willing to be open about this.

The shot itself was quite easy to take. I grew up grossly afraid of any and all needles, but about three years ago when I started the process to getting my autoimmune diagnosis, I got used to having needles. At some points, I was getting 5-6 different tests done in a single week. Anyways, that’s besides the point. When you get blood tests, that needle goes deep. When you get this vaccination, it felt as though it barely pierced my skin. It was simple. It felt like I got poked by toddler.

It’s a pretty regular practice to stick around for fifteen minutes following a vaccination. The reason they do this is so that if you have an immediate allergic reaction, the person who administered the vaccination can provide you immediate treatment for that. They keep the required supplies on-hand to be able to administer immediate treatment if someone winds up being allergic to the vaccine. They’re prepared. They’re always prepared.

When the fifteen minutes were up, I left, went home and back to work.

The person who administered my shot told me that the side-effects of the vaccine could effect me for three days following. He said regular-strength Tylenol to keep fever at bay and A LOT of water was going to make any and all potential side-effects a lot easier to deal with. So, I took him at his word. The only other thing I added to the rotation was Gatorade.

The side effects I dealt with:

  • Localized bruising on my arm
  • Loss of Energy
  • Headache

All side effects wound up being very mild. I was also warned about all side-effects when getting the vaccination, so I was well prepared.

I would say the hardest to deal with was the loss of energy. It felt like my batteries were on empty. It felt like staying awake was hard. It felt like climbing the stairs was an arduous task. Not an impossible task, but an arduous task. (For reference, my house is a very tall townhouse, so there’s a few flights of stairs. Getting from the kitchen to my bedroom is a bit of a climb when you’ve got no energy)

The loss of energy wasn’t a sick feeling, though. When you get the flu or have a bad cold, the loss of energy can make you feel extremely sick. This loss of energy just felt like there was no glucose in my body. It felt as though, despite drinking multiple Gatorades, there was no sugar for my body to use for energy.

On a scale from 1-Migraine(where I need to be in a dark, quite room), I would rate the headache at a 3 or 4. It wasn’t a bad headache, it was just one that stuck around for a lot longer than my typical headaches.

Today, though… well today I’m feeling great. I’m feeling truly lucky that I was able to get vaccinated when I did. I’m feeling lucky to know that in two weeks time, I’ll be up to 85 percent protected, and that I have that extra layer of protection to help ease my anxiety. I’m feeling light a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I’m feeling… hopeful.

My particular province has opted to space out vaccine distribution to four months between doses as a means to get everyone their first shots sooner. For that reason, it could be a while before I’m able to get the second dose. I’m okay with that, though. I know, right now, that I have this added layer of protection now, and I truly hope that everyone who wants the protection is able to get their vaccinations as soon as possible.

For the province that my parents live in, their vaccine rollout has been a little bit slower. Both of my parents actually have appointments to get their vaccinations on Monday. They’re also looking forward to being able to have the vaccination and have that added layer of protection. They’re not sure which vaccine they’ll be given. The place where they’re going to get their vaccine is giving out vaccines based on the quantities they’re getting. I’ve asked my parents to tell me which vaccine they get and if they have side effects. I’ll likely share their stories too, if anything occurs.

This isn’t a story that I’ve told people, but with respect to Baby Harry being a long-term-resident in the hospital, my sister-in-law was actually able to get her vaccination a while back. With the province that she is in, and the fact that baby Harry is at a special hospital, they actually vaccinated adults who were there as long term caregivers of children. Since all of the children who are there are ill enough to be there long-term, they thought it safest to vaccinate the adults who need to be there with them, so there’s less of a chance of an adult giving COVID to a sick kid. It was a means to stop/slow the spread of COVID in the hospital. My sister-in-law said that her side effects were mild. She also got the Pfizer vaccination. She’s actually had both shots because she’s been with baby Harry at the hospital and they want to do as much as they can to keep outbreaks out of the hospital. She said with her first shot she just had a bad headache. She said with her second shot she had a day of nausea, but that it really didn’t register as bad to her because she has a newborn so she’d literally spent the majority of the past ten months feeling nauseous.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told the story about myself getting the flu shot, but the flu shot kicked my ass. Literally. Knight could tell stories of sitting with me in Emerg throughout the night because I had an allergic reaction to it. Suffice to say, I thought the Pfizer vaccine was going to be a lot worse then it actually ended up being for me.

If you get the opportunity and you’re medically able, I highly recommend getting the vaccination. For you. For your family. For your friends. For everyone.

Have you already gotten the vaccine? If so I highly encourage you to share your experiences whether it on a blog, social media platform, or directly to friends and family through texts, phone calls and emails.

Blonde moments on Sunday

At 10:00 pm Sunday night I decided it was the perfect time to wash and peel grapes.

After washing and peeling said grapes, I wanted to put them in the freezer, wash the sink out and then head to bed.

I washed my sink with dish soap because… why not? It’s soap. It’s right there.

This morning I came downstairs to make my morning coffee and the grapes were still on my counter, not in the freezer. Confused, I opened the freezer door and saw my dish soap in the freezer, not on the counter.

I washed out the sink and then put my dish soap in the freezer.

Yea, that’s how I started my week.

Feels like a Monday.


I was approached by a corporate head hunter this week.

There’s a position at a company they’re interested in having me fill.

At first I didn’t understand what was going on, but I did clue in after hearing ‘they’re interested’. So my question turned from ‘what’s happening’ to ‘why me’?

There’s probably 10,000 people in this city in the same line of work as myself. It’s not as if marketing is a ‘specialized’ career path. It’s not as if communications is a ‘specialized’ career path. Sure some people are good at it and some are average, but why me? There’s probably a lot of people who are good at it.

It can’t hurt to have a meeting and hear them out.

I mean, I have a job and I like my job, but I’ve also been told at my job that there’s no room for growth. If this could offer me that, don’t I owe it to myself to, at the very least, consider it?

Besides that, there’s no harm in considering it. I haven’t committed to anything.

I’m just dumbfounded at the whole situation.

Why me? Why not one of the other 9,999 people in this city who are in the same line of work?

I’m oddly confused that they sought me out. I’m also oddly proud. They sought me out. I didn’t go to them, they came and they found me. That’s a cool feeling.