Extreme weather in Calgary

So this ended the heat wave in Calgary. This isn’t my picture. It’s from Twitter. I can’t see who originally posted it, and it seems like 50 or so have posted it now, so I don’t have credits. Basically, Calgary went from the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Calgary’s history to flash flooding. This rain/hail mixture fell very fast, leaving several streets underwater in various parts of the city.

In other parts of the city there were massive hailstones that broke windows and damaged roofs/siding of houses and plenty of cars. Someone named Brandon shared this photo of the hail from the South end of the city. That’s a Canadian Quarter (25cents) in his hand

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Here’s another example of why these hail stones were able to do so much damage. Not my photo.


There’s been some wild weather in Western Canada the past week or so.

Dear Calgary, I want a job.

Dear Calgary,

I want a job. A full-time job.

I’m a 30 year old Marketing/Communications/PR professional with a decade of industry experience working for provincial and national organizations. I have a degree in Marketing/General Business and keen insights on the changing economy, culture and societal norms in Alberta and all of Canada.

Here’s a snapshot of what I bring to the table:

  • First-hand experience creating and implementing best-class brand strategy and marketing plans from the ground up
  • Demonstrated skills in multidisciplinary relations, storytelling and presentation
  • The ability to develop and oversee complex digital media (national scale) and social media strategies (audience of 90,000+), which include:
    • Managing the planning, communication and implementation of all strategies
    • Execution and management of paid social media advertising campaigns
    • Tracking defined KPIs and analytics to support digital integration
  • In-depth experience coordinating successful email marketing campaigns to grow audience, readership and specifically meet ROI
  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite with specialization in graphic design
  • Website management and HTML coding expertise
  • An analytical mind
  • A likability and relatable nature that allows me to effectively understand and appeal to diverse markets and build relationships within said markets
  • An inherent ability to make my boss LOOK GOOD

I am a proactive team player, proven leader and go-to guidance provider with respect to all things public domain.  I thrive under chaos and I have the creative ability to think outside the box in a way you’ve yet to experience.

I want a job. I want the opportunity to make you look good. I want to grow your presences within the industry and the Canadian marketplace (and international if applicable). I want a chance to show you how much more is possible with the right person at the helm of your Marketing strategies. I guarantee that you’ll be able to look back and think ‘Damn, I sure am glad that I hired her”.

I don’t want my resume overlooked. I don’t want to be written off for nonsensical reasons. I don’t want more excuses and I definitely don’t want any more of the bullshit that is commonplace in job hunting.

I am not a run-of-the-mill candidate. I am ONE-OF-A-KIND. Meet with me and you’ll understand why.



***A friend of mine recently told me that if Calgary is where I really want to be, I need to think outside of the box. Well, this is me thinking outside of the box.

If a man can stand on a street corner in Phoenix with a “Need Job” sign and get 3,000 job offers, consider this my ‘Need Job’ sign. Perhaps there’s a company out there that hasn’t yet considered the idea that they need someone like me in their office. Perhaps word of mouth could work better for me than the current route I’ve been taking. Either way, I’ve got to try.

What $83 a night gets you in Calgary, Alberta.

I recently found myself in Calgary, Alberta for some job interviews and a need for somewhere to stay. Over the years, I’ve stayed in a few dozen hotels in Calgary and never been fully satisfied with the stay that I’ve had, so, knowing that I was going to need to book a hotel room, I decided to try something different.

Though my job interviews were right downtown, I decided to look outwards. In all honesty, the hotels in downtown Calgary seem to all be heavily overpriced for what you get.

Within just a two minute drive of the Calgary International Airport is a group of hotels, really nice hotels, with really reasonable prices per night. After doing my research on Expedia (always read hotel reviews before booking!), I settled on the Park Inn by Radisson, Calgary Airport North.

*FYI – All photos were taking with my Iphone. The mismatch of quality between photos does not escape me.

Cost: $83 per night.

Amenities: Indoor gym for guests, laundry room, kitchenette in each room (with dishes included for your use), a ‘Pantry’ stocked with any foods you could possibly need for a hotel stay at VERY reasonable prices, a beautiful lobby with plenty of couch space to meet/interact with people, a computer station for guests (for if you don’t have a computer or need to print anything off) and a full kitchenette in every room.

The Hotel Gym. (You can see in the mirror reflection on the right that there is cardio equipment just out of view. As far as hotel gym’s go, I was impressed with this one)

I was impressed with the fact that everything was so readily available and so well thought out. I really didn’t need to even leave the hotel if I didn’t want to. This provided a great sense of relief as all I wanted to do was ‘hold-up’ in my hotel room and prep for my job interviews.

Having the gym just down the hall was appreciated. I found I was more inclined to get up in the morning and hit the treadmill knowing it was just a few steps away from me.

The hotel’s ‘Pantry’ cupboard, stocked with junk food as well as food that could be cooked in your room’s kitchenette.

The room itself was perfect. Upon walking into mine, I was pleased to see that the photos online provided an accurate representation of what each room is actually like.

My room’s kitchenette (which included a dishwasher).

Each room has a kitchenette included, making it convenient for travellers who might be staying for longer than a few days. There were dishes in the cupboards and cleaning supplies under the sink. The appliances included: a toaster, a coffee maker, a dishwasher, a microwave, a fridge and a stove-top. Shy of being able to roast a turkey, anything you could possibly need to make could be cooked in this kitchen.

Ample closet space for any storage you might need.

The room was equipped with a massive closet that I could actually walk into. Something that I really appreciated about this hotel was that the small details were thought of, including the providing of guests with a laundry hamper for storing dirty clothes. Small details like that make me appreciate a hotel just a little bit more because I know they’ve thought of how they can most help their guests.

Ample desk space with built-in storage.

My room, being a very accurate representation of the photos the hotel shows online, had a ton of desk spaces so that I could lay out all of my work, set up my computer and still have plenty of space for making a mess. Honestly, a desk like this is something I could only dream of having in my own home. And, the TV was conveniently located up in the corner of the desk so that it was out of the way, but still in view from both the bed and the bathtub.

A clean, pristine, all white bathroom with plenty of storage that I quickly cluttered with all of my things! lol

As mentioned in the last paragraph, something that I really appreciated was the fact that I could lay in a bubble bath and watch tv while doing so. When it comes to staying in a hotel, it’s really the small details that seem to make all the difference. Being able to watch Frasier from the tub felt like one of life’s simple luxuries.

Clearly, making the bed is not my strong suit!

I booked a room with a single queen bed. Room’s are available with two queen beds for just $87 per night (a five dollar increase) or one king bed for $95 per night (a twelve dollar increase). The bed was exceptionally comfortable. The pillows were dreamy to sleep on, and I bet if he could attest to it, Knight would agree with me.

The room also came equipped with a lazy-boy style chair next to the bed, which was probably the only downside. It was not a comfortable chair. I’d probably rather sit on a slab of cement than that chair. That being said, that is the only negative I found to the room.

Worth noting: Though it was next to the airport, I did not hear one single plane landing or departing during my stay. The hotel was completely sound-proof. Noise is not a factor you need to worry about when staying near the airport if you choose this hotel.

Verdict: If you’re ever in Calgary, Alberta, I highly recommend the Park Inn by Radisson, Calgary Airport North. Whether you’re flying in, flying out, or not using the airport at all, staying next to the airport can provide you all of the amenities you need with an impeccable price tag. The staff were friendly, the convenience was appreciated and the reviews online were 100% an accurate representation of the hotel and the staff who run it.

I’ll definitely be back there the next time I’m in Calgary.

Back in British Columbia!

I spent a quick two days in Calgary, went to four job interviews (including the two that I spoke of in my most recent post: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow), hung out with some important people and stayed at the most divine, incredibly priced hotel I think I’ve been to in the past few years. (Hotel review coming soon)

I haven’t heard back about the job yet. The CEO said that he would issue an offer of employment next week. I’m trying to not get my hopes up, but I’m also trying to talk myself up so that I believe I’m going to get it. The position would be such a perfect fit for me, so I am genuinely asking the universe for a favour for this one.

Happy Victoria Day long weekend, everyone. If you’re Canadian you know this is one of the most important holiday’s of the year because it’s our nation-wide kick off for summer! If you have a long weekend this weekend, I hope that you enjoy it. And, if you don’t have a long weekend, be jealous. Canada is awesome.

I’m off to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law. She’s pregnant and she’s due in just under a month… and let me tell you, babies are the most fun to shop for.

Love and Light.