True Christmas spirit and damn good marketing

A local restaurant is advertising that between boxing day and January 15th they will accept any and all gift cards to any store, website or business that someone got as a Christmas present as cash to pay for meals in their restaurant.

If someone gets a gift card they didn’t/don’t want for Christmas, they can use it as currency to purchase a meal in this restaurant before January 15th. The restaurant is collecting all of the gift cards and will distribute them evenly amongst the three shelters in town at the end of January for the shelters to use to purchase necessities, supplies and gifts for the people they help in 2020.

How cool is that?

It’s going to encourage a lot of people to eat at that restaurant, who wouldn’t normally have gone out of their way to eat there. It’s going to give to those in need in 2020. As a consumer it gives you a way to make use of a gift card you might not have otherwise used. As a restaurant it showcases your generosity and caring about the community you operate in. As someone who needs, they know they need all year and not just during Christmas. I really hope this does a lot of good for everyone. I love the idea and wish I could scream it from the rooftops to tell people to go eat there.