The Story of Jack

This is Jack, the aforementioned rottweiler who I am babysitting for the weekend. Some of his favourite past times include barking at his own shadow, using his tail as a weapon and jumping into the highest snowbanks he can find.

My brother found Jack wandering a remote part of highway just about two years ago. He picked him up and put him in his truck because he didn’t want him to get hit by a car. He tried to take him to the local animal shelter and they wouldn’t take him because they didn’t have enough room. (Being that we’re in a small town, the shelter asked him if he could take the dog home/find the owner on his own, or the dog would likely be shipped to a shelter in Vancovuer) My brother told the police and bylaws enforcement that he found this dog in hopes that someone would claim him and then took him home thinking he’d be keeping him for a day or two until someone came to claim him.

No one came to claim him.

There were no missing dog signs. There were no missing dog notifications on Facebook. Worried someone was out there missing their dog, my brother continued to call the animal shelter, the police station and the local bylaws enforcement for three months after he found Jack. No one ever called in looking for a missing rottweiler.

And that’s how we found Jack.

He’s the most protective, most loyal, most loving dog. I’m not sure what happened to his previous owner, if they lost him or they just left him. I’d like to hope that people aren’t out there just abandoning dogs… but at the same time no one ever claimed him. No one ever even looked for him. So a piece of me feels like he might just well have been abandoned.

He falls asleep at the foot of your bed every night. If you get upset, he tries to curl up onto your lap because he’s unaware of his massive size. He’s never met a cat that he doesn’t absolutely love and, he’s just always happy. Always. To be honest, I could probably learn a lesson or two from him.

So, I’m sick. I know I say that a lot – the benefits to having a sucky immune system is that it’s true each time that I say it. Jack got here around noon yesterday and he has not left my side. I kid you not. He doesn’t even want to go outside. He just wants to lay at my feet, or sit on my lap. The sweet, kind, wonderful neighbour offered to take him for a walk last night because she knew I was sick and she wanted him to get out for a walk… and he didn’t even want to leave my side.

I often see memes, photos and videos around the internet that exclaim ‘we don’t deserve dogs’, dogs are too kind too us. Jack makes me think of those memes and photos and videos. Dogs are such a gift.