For the low, low price of $259,000 you can own your Elementary school.

Following World War 2 many soldiers returned home to Canada to settle in rural/remote properties because they were cheaper places for them to ‘start over’ with the family they already had, or to start the family they’d been waiting to have.

With the influx of children being located in smaller, remote settings, the government took the opportunity to build elementary schools “centrally located” between these kids to ensure they would all receive a proper education in spite of how far they may be from the nearest town or city. The idea was that while they were young, the schools would be as close to them as possible, and when they got old enough for high-school they would either bus into the nearest town or city each day, or their parents would keep them out of school to work full time on the farm. (The government obviously preferring the former over the latter)

Over the years, as kids grew up and moved away from the farm, technology expanded allowing for online education systems and, as a whole, people tended to settle closer to towns for access to medical services and such, the need for these schools fell by the waist-side. As a result, if you’ve spent any time driving British Columbia’s highways, you’ll have noticed dozens of empty/abandoned Elementary schools along the way.

This particular school caught my eye this past few weeks because, when I was driving past, I realized that someone bought it and turned it into a home.

All photos credit the realtor. Listing can be found here >

It’s clear in the pictures that it’s little messy these days, and a little cluttered… but imagine the potential of having an entire school for a home.

The built a nice little kitchen, upgraded the bathrooms. All the creature comforts necessary to make it a home.

Imagine having 7,700 square feet to work with and design as you please. The possibilities that space could provide are endless. And if you had the renovation budget, you could turn this school into a real palace. Or, leave it as is if you prefer a more simple life.

Oh, yeah the original gymnasium was kept in tact – basketball hoops and all. Could you imagine what an NBA player would do with their own gymnasium? Actually, NBA players make enough money they probably build gymnisums in their home… but that’s not the point. A gym! This home comes with a gym!

If you’re a handy person, you’d already have your own workshop, too. Workshop aside, imagine how big your bedroom would be if you turned a former classroom into your bedroom?

I think about the history that must exist in a place like this. If you’re the type of person that can live out of town, who wants land and who wants wide open spaces, a property like this could really be a dream come true.

A school that’s already been turned into your home not your fancy? You want your own school to work with? Well, take a drive down any major highway in BC and you’ll likely find an abandoned elementary school just waiting for the potential of someone with an open mind who wants room to grow.