“Stay Humble and Hustle Hard”

I saw the quote earlier today on a reclaimed wood sign hanging in a local diner, and I liked it. So I’m using it.

I love Sundays.

My nephew slept in the spare room last night. We call the spare room his room because he’s the only one who ever sleeps in there. Anyway, he asked what happened to the mattress and why he had to sleep on an air mattress. When I told him that we gave the mattress to the woman across the street for her and her daughter he asked why she needed a new mattress and why she didn’t just go and buy one. I told him that she got in a fight with her husband and that she needed a new place to sleep for a few nights. His response? “Well, you should have given her my blanket too.” What a sweet soul my nephew is. I really do believe he makes me a better person just by hanging out with him.

My mom made her very first sale on Etsy. She’s so proud of herself and she’s so happy that someone wanted to purchase something she made. It’s nice to see a little ambition in her. She’s already talking about making more and putting more up on her Etsy store. It is nice to her so excited about something.

There are some new neighbours (I call them neighbours because they’re on the street they’re not right next door) who have three little pugs. The pugs name’s are Huey, Dewey and Louie. I want all of them. I think I’m going to make best friends with these people just so that I can hang out with their dogs.

I have so many different posts in my drafts folder right now I’m torn between deleting them all or posting them all at once. I just… I don’t know what to do with them.

Okay, I better go for now.