Seditious Conspiracy

What the bleep is happening in Washington? I mean, I know what’s happening but… WTF.

What’s happening in Washington DC right now is exactly what Donald Trump has been stoking for months, years even. This is his doing. This is a sad, pathetic loser who cannot control the will of the majority.

There are people on social media seeking sympathy because of injuries sustained in their… well, let’s call it what it is, domestic terrorist riot. I’m sorry if I don’t feel sorry for you for getting maced because you’re sad your unintelligible doofus of choice wasn’t reelected. He should’ve never been elected to start with. What’s really sad to me is these people are genuinely uninformed enough, and swayed enough from Trump’s speeches, that they genuinely believe they’re standing for something by doing this.

I really cannot wait for the day Donald Trump disappears into obscurity, where he belongs. I hope that the Republican Party spends the next four years rebuilding the party they’ve so effortlessly destroyed over the past four. I do believe opposition parties have value in government. I don’t believe the Republican party as-is brings any value to government. I don’t believe the Republican party as-is does anything but screw over Americans.

Also, thank you Georgia!

Also, thank you Stacie Abrams!

Hopefully now Mitch Mcconnell will fade into obscurity with Donald Trump.

Fuck everyone who rioted at the capital today. I was watching Emily D. Baker give her reactions to this on YouTube and she spoke to what I was, and am feeling. She said that while she wishes everyone who participated today in rioting at the capital could be arrested, charged and stand trial for their actions. She also said the realist in her knows that is entirely impossible and even if it were that would overwhelm the legal system.

Stupid people in public office

Our Provincial and Federal Government’s have been warning Canadians for months to avoid travel unless it’s essential. They don’t want people getting caught in foreign countries, catching the virus and needing million dollar medevac trips home, or worse (as I’m sure you can imagine what some of those outcomes might be).

It’s not mandatory. They’re not stopping people from getting on planes. But it’s strongly encouraged that people don’t leave the country unless it’s required.

One would think that those who work in public office would be smart enough to… use their influence for good, right? One would think that those who worked for the very government telling people to not travel and to stay home and to flatten the curve would be smart enough to… not go and stay home and flatten the curve, right? I mean, those who work in public office are all going to get the vaccine sooner than us anyway. They can’t wait another month or two?

Well, starting with a special kind of stupid here in Alberta, two press secretaries who work as a part of the Alberta UCP Government decided to go to Hawaii for Christmas. As someone with a decade of experience working in PR, my question to them is ‘how fucking stupid are you’? But, it gets better. Not only did they decide to go to Hawaii for Christmas vacation, they decided to post pictures of their Hawaiian vacation all over their public Instagram accounts. Again, how fucking stupid are you people? Your literal job is to talk to the press and tell the press to tell people to stay home and you board a flight for Pacific Island life as soon as the cameras turn off? That’s not a good look.

When these Instagram posts started making their rounds across social media, local discord servers and even wound up on the news, the response of these two press secretaries was to delete all of their social media accounts. Again, HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU? The internet is forever. You work in PR. You know this. HOW STUPID ARE YOU?

Listen, I know people are travelling right now. I’m not an idiot. People all over this world have decided that since the virus hasn’t yet affected them, it’s fine for them to travel and pretend as though life is normal. I’m not naïve to that fact. However, if you work in public office, you’re held to a higher standard then the general public. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it’s always going to be. People who work in public office are supposed to lead by example. If the example they’re setting is to ignore the guidelines they’re putting in place for the general public, what exactly do they think they’re going to accomplish? Trust in leadership?

Also, quite frankly, as someone with a decade of PR experience, I’m ashamed of these two idiots. If you’re going to flout the rules and travel for a Hawaiian Christmas, don’t fucking post it all over Instagram, only to delete your social media profiles after getting caught. If you get busted for your shitty actions, own it. You work in PR, you know this. Or do you? Clearly these people are morons so maybe they don’t understand how Public Relations works.

Next, let us discuss Rod Phillips. Rod Phillips is, or rather he was, Ontario’s Finance Minister until today. Rod Phillips, holding what is basically the second highest position of public office in the province of Ontario, decided to flout the rules about non-essential travel from both the Canadian and Ontario government’s and head to St. Barthelemy for Christmas.

What is surprising about Rod Phillips is that he is perhaps the opposite of Michael Forian and Eliza Snyder, is that Phillips executed a well thought out, deeply organized plan to make it look as though he was still in the country when he was not. This plan included having his own press secretary sharing social media posts to his profiles to make it look as though he was making regular appearances to support small businesses and Ontario infrastructure projects. He actually was busted early on in his trip after one of his posts exclaimed that he was visiting small businesses the particular day he posted it, Dec 15th, whilst the TV he was standing in front of read that the date was December 11th. Even still, he continued the charade going on to post a Christmas eve video from in front of his fireplace at his home, that was clearly filmed before he left for the Carribean, and encouraging people to stay home and host Christmas over zoom calls because too many people have made too many sacrifices this year for us to throw it all away.

He was busted on his lies on December 15th and continued to keep up the façade until Christmas day, when he announced he would be returning because he needed to rebuild the trust he broke with the people of Ontario.

That’s commitment to lying right there. That’s real commitment.

Phillips resigned today.

I can’t say that I’m sad about it. I don’t think too many people in Ontario are either. Part of me wishes his ass could’ve got kicked to the curb. But hey, the UCP is still ignoring Michael Forian and Eliza Snyder, so maybe we’ll here in coming days about how their asses are being kicked to the curb.

If you work in Public Office you are, and always should be, held to a higher standard than the general public. If you work for a government that is telling people to not travel, if you work for a government that is telling people to not even see their families for Christmas, meanwhile you’re jetting off to Hawaii or St. Barthelemy for a holiday in the sun, yeah, you deserve every criticism you get and probably then even more than that.

Welcome back to the ranks of the general public Mr. Phillips. The great news is now, you can take as many trips to the Carribean as you want! Perhaps you can get together with Michael Forian and Eliza Snyder and go together, since none of you seem to give a damn about the pandemic. Eh?

Sporadic AF Thoughts, Nov 3.

I had such a good time writing the last post like this that I’ve decided I might do it more often. Though I still don’t like ‘AF’, so I need to come up with a new title. We’ll call that a work in progress.

After a week of feeling as though I really just wasn’t going to survive (yes, I am extremely over-dramatic when I am sick), I am finally starting to feel somewhat/relatively human again. I’m not 100%, but I can feel myself getting better, and that’s what’s important.

The sweet and wonderful Hilary from SereneLuna Blog sent me the kindest early birthday card/present and it absolutely brightened my spirits this week. There’s something about a hand written letter/note that will just never go out of style in my heart. It’s timeless, it’s so thoughtful and it really makes you (in this case me) feel as though someone genuinely cares. I think that’s why I really appreciate thoughtful birthday cards. Does anyone else keep their birthday cards? I keep mine. Is that weird?

I’ve been on the hunt for a ‘natural’ deodorant for a couple years now. And yes, I fully understand the dichotomy that ‘natural’ deodorants present. I think the biggest struggle that I am having in this search is that the majority of deodorants marketed as ‘natural’ are ingredient based in essential oils. I happen to be wildly allergic to most essential oils and using these products often causes me to get blistery rashes. So how does one find a ‘natural’ deodorant without any essential oils in it?

There’s been a growing narrative in Canada about a divided country, as the ‘Wexit’ movement gets propagated in the media and is gaining steam. Meanwhile, more and more multi-million dollar corporations have collected their tax-cuts from the Alberta government and are fleeing. Jason Kenney is running the narrative that this is ‘Trudeau’s fault’, ignoring the very basic fact that trickle-down economics don’t work. Trickle-down economics have never worked. The rich stay rich by hoarding their riches. They don’t invest it into their employees and the economy through sponsorship and infrastructure, they lock it in bank accounts in far off lands that have limited laws with respect to banking.

Following in the footsteps of his idol, the holier than thou Trump of Donald Senior, Jason Kenney handed out a corporate tax cut earlier this year promising the public this was a smart move for a better Alberta and that this would benefit everyone. And, as the corporations have subsequently taken their money and run, the Wexit movement now has more than 40,000 members on their online platform. Interesting…

It didn’t work when Donald Trump did it. It hasn’t ever worked for any government before and we all knew that it wasn’t going to work for Jason Kenney, but he did it anyway. He sold the public on a bill of goods that was built on pillars of salt and sand, meanwhile silencing anyone who dared remind him that trickle-down economics don’t work.

Now, I know that politics can get rather boring for people to follow at times, so I relate this to pop culture. Remember this fact: the rich get rich by hoarding their riches.

Kylie Jenner has recently been named the youngest self-made billionaire ever. Kylie, along with the rest of the Kardashian family, has a slew of employees who work for her. In her home, in her office, in the factories making the cosmetics that she sells. It’s widely reported that each and every one of her employees make minimum wage. It’s also been claimed by the employees who make Kylie Cosmetics that they’re not even provided with the basic safety equipment and working environment to help them properly do their jobs. According to the employees they’re paid only minimum wage, the bare legal minimum that Kylie has to pay them, not provided health insurance, and can at times, work upwards of twelve hours or more on a single shift during peak ‘launches’ for the line. All while only wearing a hear net and safety goggles.

The laboratory that Jenner uses is the same lab that Colour Pop cosmetics uses. And, it’s worth noting that these claims have also been made about Colour Pop Cosmetics as an employer. (Please note these claims of the factory and working conditions have not been verified through what I would consider… “media sources” for lack of better terminology. They’re Indeed reviews, youtube videos of ‘Why I quit working for Kylie’ and so on)

Why does Kylie only pay her employees the bare minimum wage legally required of her in the state of California? Simply put, would she be the youngest self made billionaire had she given them raises? Would she be the youngest self made billionaire had she offered any form of health insurance, chosen to upgrade the factory which her cosmetics are produced, offered employees more safety equipment to do their jobs? Likely not. Rich people stay rich by hoarding their riches.

Now I’m not hating here. I’m simply stating the facts as they relate to politics and they relate popular culture. What the girl has done is created a relatively average product, found the bare minimum it could possibly cost her to produce it and used ‘her brand’ to price it at a markup so high that in just a few short years she’s become a billionaire. She actually sounds pretty intelligent to me. But, she also reminds me of the very important point that trickle-down economics don’t work. In politics, in business, in Alberta, in life in general, it’s human nature to hoard our riches. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter who is in charge, the Oil Industry is still dying and Alberta is still in denial. Okay, I’ve talked about this for farrrrrr too long.

It’s raining outside. Pouring, actually. Consequently the downpour outside my window mimics the downpour in my head. Too many thoughts, too little time. I am a shallow heart with a wandering mind who is presently second guessing anything and everything that I possibly can. I’ll be 31 soon. It’s time to get my life together. I wonder what that looks like.