I really need to edit my posts before I hit publish.

I write and then I hit publish. Then a few hours or days later, I’ll actually read what I wrote and I get extremely embarrassed about the simple, stupid mistakes I forgot to fix.

I know the difference between to, too and two. I know the difference between there, their and they’re. I know that ‘a lot’ is always two words. I know that it’s subtle and subtly, not subtley. I know that ‘I’ is always capitalized. You wouldn’t be able to tell any of this from reading my blog. If I just edited, I could save myself a lot of embarrassment after the fact.

I’m too stubborn.

EDIT. EDIT. EDIT. Maybe if I yell at myself enough, I’ll get it.

Then again, after two years of this, even if I yell at myself, I’ll probably come up with more excuses as to not do it.

Edit, Vee. EDIT!