I would never wish ill will on anyone, but…

Through this journey of unemployment that I’ve been on, I was actually offered a job in Marketing/Digital Marketing in June. The company, after offering me a job and having me sign 20 pages worth of contracts for the position, waited until three days before my start date (July 15) to tell me they’d changed their mind and were rescinding their job offer.

I later found out they gave the job to the nephew of one of the managers at the office.

Fast forward to October.

Earlier today the company announced they’re changing their output from daily to once a week.

I wish no ill will on this company. I don’t at all. I never like to see companies struggle because I know that, especially at this company, there are a lot of people who work really hard who have now had their full time jobs cut to part time. But, perhaps if they’d hired me, an intelligent, talented and experienced marketing and communications professional who understands the economy, the audience and the industry, their business could have been pulled out of the gutter and they wouldn’t be cutting service right now.

Perhaps I could have brought new and innovative ideas to the table, expanded their reach and grown their print and digital platforms. Perhaps I could have done things that the boss’ nephew just can’t… being that he’s an Electrician and knows nothing about Marketing/Digital Marketing.

I’m not salty about this at all… actually. I just think it’s funny. They screwed me and now they’re getting their just rewards. The Universe always finds a balance.

Also, they were clearly, blatantly lying to me in the job interview and contract negotiations that I went through because all they could keep talking about was how good business was and how much they were doing. Clearly business wasn’t that good if two and a half months later you’re cutting your business to 1/7 of what it was.

Everybody thinks marketing is easy and that anyone can do it…