Unpopular opinions… or just opinions. Unsure what to call this.

Firstly, I don’t really think that unpopular opinions are actually unpopular. I just think these opinions are things people might be afraid to say. But I’m sharing this list because I hate when I read unpopular opinions and people are all: coffee isn’t good. Girl, everyone knows coffee isn’t good. We just drink it anyways because caffeine gets us through the day. Also, that’s why there’s 50 million different flavours of coffee… to try and make it less awful.

Being vegan or vegetarian does not automatically make you a healthy person. There are plenty of people in this world who are vegans and vegetarians who eat some really unhealthy shit. Just because they eat more vegetables than those who eat meat, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy.

When people say that self care is lighting a candle and having a bath, they’re devaluing the struggles people go through to just be alive. Good hygiene is important, yes. But self care is something that goes far deeper than lighting the latest scented candle from Bath & Body Works and putting a bath bomb in the tub. Besides that, who wants glitter in their vagina?

People who partake in cancel culture are idiots. If someone continues to show you time and time and time again that they’re a shiteous person, why are you waiting until they’re being publicly ‘cancelled’ before you decide you don’t like them? You’ve always known who they were. All you’re doing is showing you’re a petty little follower trying to be one of the popular crowd in a high-schoolesque clique that is the internet.

The second amendment needs to be deleted. I’m not sure if this is unpopular or if a lot of people are just afraid to say it… but following a constitution that was written in 1791 and believing it to be the best thing for a civilization in 2019 is idiotic and showcases a governmental system that is failing its citizens.. It also shows that the US government lacks backbone because they’re unwilling to make a decision that might upset those who hold the ‘purse strings’ as far as donations go. It doesn’t need to be amended, it needs to be deleted.

If women did half the shit that men get away with every day, there would be an uprising. Men get away with A LOT of shit. No woman could do what Billy Bush did and get hired to be back on TV again, whilst claiming to be a victim. Bill Maher screaming that fat-shaming should come back in style? If a woman said that, she’d be fired. Men expect women to be ‘dormant’ while they run around making idiotic decisions and doing stupid shit just waiting for us to let it go and let them have their jobs back or keep their jobs.

Just because you say it does not mean that people will read it. Just because you say it does not mean that it’s good, or smart, or even remotely worthy of attention. More than half the planet now has access to the internet and is sharing their artwork, writing and talents online. If you think you’re special, you’re not. You’re a small fish in a big ole pond.

People who use religion to claim moral high-ground are the ones with the most skeletons in their closet. And I don’t think this is a coincidence. It’s one thing to follow a religion, which everyone has the right to do, but it’s something completely different to push your religion on someone else. And those that do, typically tend to be those with the most secrets they’re trying to hide.

Getting presents sucks. It reminds me of how little people actually know about me. I know, I know, I know, it’s the thought that counts. But I’d rather you take the time to get to know me and never buy me a present than ignore me but remember to give me a present on my birthday.

If a parent isn’t parenting their child in public, I should be able to. If a kid is pulling clothing off the shelf and dropping it on the floor, knocking over racks and laughing and the parent is nowhere in sight, I should damn well be able to scream at the kid for being a fucking moron and remind them what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in public… because their parent clearly doesn’t give a damn.

None of the Hemsworth brothers are really that good of actors. I just think they’re famous because they’re attracive. And let’s face it…prettier people do have it easier in life.

If anyone reads this and wants to share their unpopular opinions, or just opinions, with me… please do! Also, please remember that you can completely disagree with everything someone believes and still respect them. So… be kind. The world has enough assholes in it already.


There’s a gentleman that I follow on twitter that I knew from my previous life, prior to 2019. This gentleman is extremely intelligent and an entrepreneur. He claims to be self-made, though I don’t believe that to be true. In my own opinion, you cannot be self-made if your parents hand you over the business. I’m making it a point to share this fact because I believe that everyone starts from somewhere. Some have more advantages than others starting out (and I see nothing wrong with taking advantage of that) but everyone starts from somewhere.

So this particular gentleman, he started out by having his business handed to him. He didn’t buy it. It was given to him. And he’s taken it and turned it into an even more successful business. One that has a large social media presence and that garners a lot of referrals for employees through his social media platforms.

Personally, he has several thousand followers on his own accounts and his own accounts are heavily intertwined to his business accounts.

This gentleman, when he receives emails from job hunters that have spelling or grammar mistakes in them, he likes to blur out the email address of who it’s from and post screenshots of the email to his twitter account to make fun of the person without naming them.

The thing is, because he has several thousand followers on his personal account, and his personal twitter is heavily intertwined to his business twitter, and his business twitter brings in a great deal of attention to his business, there’s every chance that prospective candidates who have been emailing him are seeing him making fun of them and their application on twitter.

We all have to start somewhere. I mentioned that in the first paragraph for a reason. He may have started farther ahead than others so he doesn’t understand these honest, naive mistakes from youngins just starting out.

I’ve personally never applied for a job with this company, only because it’s completely in an unrelated industry to any skill that I bring to the table so it’s not worth trying. That being said, I’m not really sure how I’d feel if I logged into twitter and saw the head of a company posting an email from me to twitter, making fun of my application. Likely, I’d be very upset and disheartened. The names might not be there, but I’d still know he was making fun of me, specifically.

So think how these potential candidates must feel.

I feel like, as a boss, your role should be a leader. Your role should be to empower people. And these people may not be your employee now, but they can certainly be empowered by the choices you make and the way you go about responding to them with constructive information rather than making fun of them on twitter.

Powerful people empower people.

So how about, instead of posting these emails to social media in an attempt to belittle these people (where they can likely see it and feel bad about themselves because of it) you offer some genuine helpful feedback? How about you take the time to be a real leader and tell these prospective employees how they can improve upon their first impressions? How about you take that entrepreneurial title you hold so dearly and be a good boss. A boss that cares about people whether they’re your employee, prospective employees or complete strangers.

All I am saying is… there’s two ways to go about this situation and the route this gentleman is taking, I think it’s the wrong route.

People screw up. They make spelling mistakes. They naively use the wrong words and they can do things that can be embarrassing at times. Shaming them over social media, being named or not, is not an acceptable response to those situations.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. And these prospective employees emailing you, they’re starting right now. Be the guy that helps them. Be the guy that teaches them. Be the guy that provides positive, constructive feedback that will contribute to them being more successful in the future. You don’t have to hire them to help them. You can help them with guidance.

Don’t be the guy who makes fun of them on social media.

Wow. Okay.

My mom’s been in a bit of a bad mood for the past few months. In general she’s always been more of a bubbly person in nature, but when she received her diagnosis late last year, it was almost as though a darkness came out in her.

It’s definitely been something that my family has been trying hard to deal with, and to understand. I mean, I’ve never battled cancer but I’d like to think that if I had to, people would allow me to feel exactly how I wanted. So, for that reason, we’ve kind of just… let her be.

I’ve noticed though, that the times in which she crosses the line seem to be happening more and more as of late. And I’m put in this horrible position of trying to put her in her place, or letting it go, knowing what she’s just said or done is completely not okay but she’s battling cancer and it’s taking it’s toll on her.

This morning my brother, Aaron, called to ask her if she and my dad would come to his baby shower. His girlfriend is expecting their first child and her due date is in late June. Instead of just saying ‘Aaron, I am unable to come’, her response was ‘I’m not going to a baby shower before the baby is born because I don’t even know if that baby is going to live or not’.

Harsh, right?

Little bit.

My brother is about to become a dad for the first time in his life, I think of all of the things that are running through his head at this point in time, the last thing he needs to be worrying about is miscarriage. Especially this late in the pregnancy.

And don’t get me wrong. I understand that miscarriages happen. I do. And I understand that they still happen late in pregnancy. I get that. I just don’t think it’s appropriate to put that thought in the mind of a first-time-father. He shouldn’t have to be worrying about whether or not his baby is going to survive. There’s enough for him to be worried about right now.

I just really wish she hadn’t said that. Aaron is someone that I know personally has suffered from anxiety in his life and I worry now that he’s going to anxiously worry about this for the rest of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. I worry that he’s going to keep that thought in the back of his mind as he patiently awaits the birth of his first child – something that really didn’t need to be there and really shouldn’t be there.

We all understand that miscarriages happen. That doesn’t mean that you need to fill that thought in first-time-parent’s heads as they get ready to have their baby.

The whole situation has completely dumbfounded me. Why would she do this? When I talked to her when she got off the phone, my mother’s response was ‘I had two miscarriages, so it’s time they wake up and smell the realities of life.’ I really don’t think she understands at all what she just said.

All he wanted to do was invite her to a baby shower.

Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything to her. Perhaps I just should ignore the entire situation completely. I’m just of the belief that there are some things that, especially for an anxious mind, do you know good to be thinking about until they happen, if they even happen at all. Miscarriages are a very real reality for pregnant women, I get that, but I also think there’s a certain amount of decorum one should show with respect to the subject.

I tried calling Aaron after I spoke to my mom. I think he’s just pissed off and stewing right now. All he said was ‘It’s fine. She just needs to focus on getting better, I guess’. Clearly he’s taken the route of just ignoring that it happened. Or trying to ignore that it happened, at least.