Mother Earth: Every small bit makes a difference.

I’ve been rather disappointed in society lately. It seems everywhere I look people of influence are spouting that there’s no sense in trying to protect our planet because it’s too hard of a task, it’ll take too long or we’ll never have enough ‘buy-in’ to make an impact. Or, the one that makes me the most angry, is when they say the next generation can deal with it!

The very people that are supposed to be teaching us ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to it’ are on television each night saying that it’s a good thing to roll back emissions regulations, oil regulations, and every regulation that’s been put in place to help protect our environment. Pipelines seem to be popping up like it’s nobody’s business and I recently read a story about a whale that washed up on a beach in Indonesia that had more than 150 disposable plastic cups in its stomach.

So the message that we’re sending to ourselves and to future generations is what exactly? Convenience over conscience? That if something seems hard there’s no point in even trying? That making money is more important than protecting the planet?

Here’s the thing about change: it doesn’t happen in in instant. You can’t just snap your fingers and fix things. It’s going to take years of conscious efforts and smarter choices to treat our planet the way it deserves. Just like it didn’t take us overnight to fill the oceans with our trash, it’s not going to be an overnight task to clean them up, either.

People need to make the choice to introduce change. Swap your disposable straws for reusable straws. Use a reusable cloth instead of a paper towel. Store your rainwater to water your garden. Don’t listen to the men and women on television when they tell you change can’t happen. Allow all ideas to come to the table and make feasible adjustments to your life.

If 100,000 people make small changes in their lives, imagine what that means for the planet? Now imagine if 1 million people did it? Tell your friends. Encourage good behaviour for the betterment of the earth.

I know it’s easy for me to sit here and type this sounding like a hippy. Growing up in Northern Canada, though, you’re taught a certain respect for the earth that can’t ever be ignored. We’re all human, and we all have a part to play here. I’m not one to ask someone to overhaul their life to be better on the planet, but I am one to advocate small change.

Buy in bulk, rather than goods packaged in plastic. Invest $8 in some stainless steel straws. Don’t use that sheet of paper-towel to wipe off your kitchen counter tonight, instead, use a reusable wash cloth. Please, please, please take a look at how you do things and see what small changes you can make to help the earth for the better.

I want to see it’s beauty preserved. I want to go on long hikes to beautiful waterfalls in the middle of nowhere to just sit and be one with the earth. And I want other’s to understand how wonderful of a feeling it is to do that, if they want to hike with me. But even if they don’t, I know they can appreciate a pretty photo.

So anyways, the point of this incredibly long rambled-mess is that everyone can make a difference. And don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

Protect our planet.