1. Thou shalt not take advantage of thy parents basement.
  2. Thou shalt not skip an opportunity to have avocado toast.
  3. Thou shalt use the terms ‘hella’, ‘yaaas’, ‘AF’ and ‘salty’ as frequently as possible.
  4. Thou shalt never know how to properly do one’s taxes.
  5. Thou shalt always allow the desire to stay home alone win out over the desire to go out with friends.
  6. Thou shalt always remember the life lessons of Doug, Daria, The Fresh Prince, Uncle Jesse and the Rugrats.
  7. Thou shalt leap before looking because the best things in life come from a willingness to try anything at least once.
  8. Thou shalt continue allowing Baby Boomers and Gen X believe that we know nothing about politics because it’s far easier to not argue antiquated practices with someone unwilling to change or see a new perspective.
  9. Thou shalt work for for little to no money at all because ‘experience is something money can’t give you, kid’.
  10. Thou shalt run this world one day… rebounding the economy, the education system and the government from whatever the fuck is happening right now.

Saw this trending today on Twitter. Anyone have any #MillennialCommandments to add?