Thrift Haul – March 13

I’m a big fan of Thrift Stores. Something that my mom has instilled in my brother’s and I since we were kids is that things don’t need to be brand new to be exactly what you need in your life. As a result, we’ve all been frequent visitors to Thrift Stores over the years and have managed to find some pretty great things. I’m thinking I might start sharing the things that I find. Because… why not?

Today I needed to drop off some clothing at the Thrift Store for donations and I thought while I was there, I might look and see if they had anything nice. When I got there I noticed a sign on the door that said “ALL BABY CLOTHES .50 CENTS EACH, TODAY ONLY”.

As my two younger brothers are having babies this year, I’ve been on the hunt for some cute baby clothes for them. I thought “This is a sign from the universe, time to shop!” Here’s what I found:

Toronto Blue Jays Tee

For me – this shirt looks a little worn, a little distressed and perfectly lived in for me. It’s oversized and cozy and exactly what I need. And, I’m Canadian so I am absolutely a Blue Jays fan. Price: $1.50

Tragically Hip Tee

This shirt is for me – I’m not sure what this is from, really. But I’m a big fan of the Tragically Hip and I thought it was a cool shirt. Plus I really like band tees. It felt relatively new and only lightly warn. The tag says “M&O Gold”. I’ve never heard of that brand before. Price: $1.50

Roots Onesie

My sister-in-law really loves the brand Roots. Though she hasn’t asked for Roots clothing, my brother told me she’s really hoping that she gets some. I went to the Roots store last week looking for a onesie for their baby and they were $45! This Roots onesie is going to be perfect for their baby and I still have lots of money left to purchase other Roots clothing I find! Cost: 50 cents.

Carter’s Long Sleeve Shirt

Though this shirt didn’t have tags it felt brand new when I held it. And honestly, Carter’s clothing is CUTE. Why not? Cost: 50 cents.

Mickey Onesie

This was too adorable for me to pass up. Since I don’t know if I am shopping for nieces or nephews, I am trying to stick to clothing that can be worn by a girl or by a boy. This one felt perfect. It’s only been very lightly warn and is Disney Branded. I thought it was quite the score. Cost: 50 cents.

Oscar the Grouch Long Sleeve

This shirt, Sesame Street Brand, was brand new with tags still on it. I’m honestly not even sure if Sesame Street is still a thing with kids or if it’s all Peppa Pig now, but I thought this was pretty cute. Cost: 50 cents.

Life of the Party Onesie

I’ve never heard of the Small Wonders brand before but when I felt this it felt brand new. And, it’s cute. Why not, right? Cost: 50 cents.

Nike Onesie

I just thought this was adorable. It’s Nike branded and only lightly warn. It’s definitely much more green in person – my camera doesn’t do it justice. Cost: 50 cents.


There were so many brand new items at the Thrift Store today. There were jeans, with tags still on them, from American Eagle and Hollister! I couldn’t justify purchasing them though as they’re not my size.

I’ve been contemplating starting to buy these things when I find them and trying to sell them online. I don’t know if I’ll ever do that, or if it’s more of just a pipe-dream of a side-hustle. Either way – it’s still a good place to look if you ever need or want cool clothing! There were so many pairs of Levi’s there. If you’re a Levi’s lover like I am, check your local Thrift Store.

Choosing to save your money for travel.

When you make the commitment to travel, you make a commitment to forgo other things in life in order to travel. At least, if you’re the majority of the population that’s the case. Some people are born independently wealthy (I’m jealous of you if you are/were) and don’t have to worry about saving money, but for the rest of us, the fact is, we have to plan if we’re going to see the world.

For me, the prospect of travel is an important one. I want to run away on my long weekends rather than staying home. I want to say that I’ve been to all of the continents and keep a running tally of all the countries I’ve visited. I want to collect tiny a vile of sand from every beach I visit. To do this, I knew I needed to get serious about my finances.

I’m quite lucky in that, in spite of not being employed presently, I still have a couple of trips on the docket for 2019. When you’re going to travel the world, here are some realistic tips for saving your money because, after all, it’s better to save your money to have more to spend there!

  • Meal Prep. Meal prep is helpful because it causes you to make use of the food that you already have. If you’re eating the food that you have prepped in your fridge already, you’re not going to be tempted to eat out – thus saving that money. Take that money you would have spent on your fast food dinner and put it in your piggy bank. Literally. Furthermore, if you’re meal prepping you’re making better use of the groceries that you purchase and therefore you will find your grocery bill going down each month.
  • Have a piggy bank. This one might sound weird, but it’s oddly motivating to see the money in your piggy bank grow. If you can get a clear piggy bank, that is the most motivation because you can see when you put those five, ten and twenty dollar bills in there. The more money that’s in your piggy bank, the more you’re motivated to fill it.
  • Automatic withdrawal from your pay cheque. When you get paid, set aside an amount of money that is automatically coming off the cheque. You’re not going to use it, you’re not going to spend it. It’s going towards your travel dollars. Whether it’s $20 per cheque or $100 dollars per cheque, telling yourself that you get zero access to that set amount every pay cheque can add up in a year.
  • Cut the luxuries. I’m talking about things like Netflix and Itunes Music and your subscription services. The average person has 3-4 of these, minimum, and if you cancel all of them that is hundreds of dollars in a year that you’re saving.
  • Don’t drink when you’re out. Going out to have alcohol, whether with your friends or your significant other, the markup on alcohol is ridiculous. If you like a nice glass of wine once in a while, do it with your friends at one of your home’s. You’re going to enjoy it more without the extra noise of a club or a bar, and, you’re going to save a lot of money when you’re not spending $14 on a glass of wine.
  • When you’re shopping – shop sales. I know this can sound awful to some people, but it can be really beneficial if you’re smart about the way you shop. We all have things we need in life, like a winter jacket or a new pair of shoes. Right now, on the North Face website you can purchase a winter jacket from last year’s collection for $125, rather than $500. This savings is solely because it’s last year’s coat. North Face jackets never go out of style, and honestly, no one’s going to know that it’s last year’s coat. Whereas you might have previously budgeted several hundred dollars for your winter jacket, you can now take that extra money and put it into your vacation fund, wear your new Northface coat and no one will be any the wiser.
  • Track your finances. This is the most important aspect of all. If you’re looking to save money for travelling, track your finances. Being able to see on paper, or an excel spreadsheet, where your money is being spent will help you to realize where you’re spending too much and where you can cut. After all, you are not going to become a millionaire over night, so, if you want to travel the world you need to know where you’re going to cut money from in order to put it into your travel budget.

As you’re saving for your trip and cutting money from other places in your budget, please remember for your own peace of mind that you need to treat yourself once in a while. Don’t cut everything from your life cold turkey in order to save for your trip, that will make you miserable. Buy yourself that chocolate bar on the day when you really need some chocolate. Just make sure that it’s a once in a while treat and not an every day treat.

Hopefully, if you’re smart about it, you’ll be sailing off into the sunset of a beautiful trip in no time. Because I am a firm believer that it’s far more important in life to collect experiences rather than things.

Go forth and travel the world.