Taxes… le sigh.

I’ve spent the better part of the past two days doing my taxes.

Between severance, legal docs/fees, business consultancy fees, consultant revenue, working the Canadian election last year and so on and so forth… it was not a simple, nor a slow process.

If I did it right, and that’s a BIG IF, then I will get a refund. If I did it right then I paid way more money in taxes last year than I should have for the income earned.

But… somehow I always seem to end up owing come tax season. Thus the ‘le sigh’.

Despite the quarantine, despite the pandemic, life continues moving at alarming rates. Which is why I’m unsure of how to act, or react to the world. I thought I’d be so much farther by now. I thought I’d be home by now. I thought I’d be working by now. I thought, I thought, I thought…