I was approached by a corporate head hunter this week.

There’s a position at a company they’re interested in having me fill.

At first I didn’t understand what was going on, but I did clue in after hearing ‘they’re interested’. So my question turned from ‘what’s happening’ to ‘why me’?

There’s probably 10,000 people in this city in the same line of work as myself. It’s not as if marketing is a ‘specialized’ career path. It’s not as if communications is a ‘specialized’ career path. Sure some people are good at it and some are average, but why me? There’s probably a lot of people who are good at it.

It can’t hurt to have a meeting and hear them out.

I mean, I have a job and I like my job, but I’ve also been told at my job that there’s no room for growth. If this could offer me that, don’t I owe it to myself to, at the very least, consider it?

Besides that, there’s no harm in considering it. I haven’t committed to anything.

I’m just dumbfounded at the whole situation.

Why me? Why not one of the other 9,999 people in this city who are in the same line of work?

I’m oddly confused that they sought me out. I’m also oddly proud. They sought me out. I didn’t go to them, they came and they found me. That’s a cool feeling.

I think I just got a job offer.

This is a weird feeling.

I’ve never had someone approach me before with respect to a position. I’ve submitted my resume for consideration. I’ve never had someone come to me and say ‘Hey, you interested? We are.’

I’m oddly excited and nervous. What does this mean? They want me? Why me?

I will say, that does make me feel pretty damn proud of myself.

Kids say the darndest things

I have a brother, sister-in-law and niece who live in Denmark. They’re having a baby in August and they just found out it’s going to be a girl! Anyways, this morning we were chatting via face time and my brother was showing me how his toddler is already comfortable riding a horse.

She started yelling “Go Vee, Go Vee” and then kicking in the motion people do when they’re trying to get horses to take off running.

I laughed because I thought she was confused. Three year old’s, they can get confused from time to time.

Anyways, she wasn’t confused.

She named her horse after me.

Isn’t that cute?

My brother said she named it after me because it has long blonde hair like me, so she says it looks like me.

Apparently I look like a horse.

I’m sure in her mind that’s a compliment. Me… well, let’s just say I don’t love the idea of looking like a horse. haha!

I’m so thankful for technology that allows me to connect with them on the other side of the world. Looking forward to it one day being safe for me to go there, see my niece, likely meet my new niece (as I don’t think I’ll be going before August) and my namesake… the horse with the long blonde hair.

Oh, also, when we were chatting on face time I noticed there was snow. In Denmark. In April. To the Danes who read this blog, I hope you’re enjoying your snow day. Mother nature must be confused!

Do not read this.

I think that every man should have to, in their lifetime, wear a bra.

What? What a bizarre thing for me to say, I know.

They should have to walk into a store and blindly guess as to what size would ‘fit them’ (and I use that term loosely because, if you’re a woman you know most/all bras don’t really fit anyway) and they should have to wear it.

You know, if they wanted to go above and beyond and go to someone to get measured for said bra, I wouldn’t be against that.

It’s a learning experience, one that I think even if just tested for a day, could allow men valuable insights into a struggle us women know all too well. There are certain experiences we go through in life as women at that men pretend they know about that they really have no idea. Maybe having to spend a day wandering around in an uncomfortable bra could show them 1/100th of who we are.

Meeting was a success

The meeting went really great.

It was unlike anything I’ve ever experience before. By that I mean that I’ve dealt with agreements and arrangements that are supposed to stay hush-hush, but I’ve never actually been involved with something that’s completely confidential and classified to the extent that I can’t even tell my coworkers.

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was hoping to expand the reach of the company (here) and if this deal goes through, that could triple… possibly even quadruple the reach I’ve been aiming for.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but my hopes are up.

I want this.

It’s funny, this is something that is so hush-hush, I don’t even think I could tell my family. It’s not like I could ever have bragging rights for it, at least no publicly. But I want personal bragging rights. I want to be able to stand in front of the mirror and say ‘yeah, I did that’.

As of right now, it’s more like ‘yeah, we’re half way there’.

Fingers crossed.

Toes crossed.

Everything crossed.

Now I’m going to enjoy the office being closed for Easter. I’ve got a few days planned of doing absolutely nothing.

High Anxiety

Something’s coming on Thursday. Something that’s really important to me.

I’m nervous. I’m anxious that I’m going to screw it up. I’m keenly aware that no matter how prepared I could, or will be, come Thursday… it’s likely not prepared enough.

Sometimes I feel like an imposter. I wonder how these things just magically seem to fall into my lap. Did I do this? Does the universe know that I can handle this? Or is this all some sort of a cruel joke to remind me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up?

Regardless of the reason why it’s coming, Thursday is coming fast. I cannot shake this uneasy feeling in my stomach. While this isn’t going to break my career, it could possibly make my career, if I play my cards right. There’s a lot on the line, I guess you could say. While there’s nothing to lose, if I don’t win it could feel like a serious loss.

Can I do this?

Am I capable?

Am I worthy?

Why is it that I’m doubting myself so hard? Where is my confidence when I need it?

Influencer in my neighbourhood :(

To preface this story, there’s a young woman I often see wandering around my neighbourhood talking to her phone. I just assumed that she liked to chat on facetime. I do that. I’ll call my brother’s on facetime versus a regular call, just because I can. It was a natural assumption for me to make.


My friends are all aware of how I feel about influencers. In case you’re new here, I think it’s a vapid industry that relies on influencers taking advantage of people. This weekend my friend Lucy send me a video with a caption that said ‘Influencers are taking over your city. Looks like you’re going to have to move’.

This woman who I’ve seen wandering around my neighbourhood talking to her phone, she’s been filming videos and uploading them to YouTube.

This is hard for me. Our neighbourhood, is uniquely designed. This is a very recognizable neighbourhood. The homes are uniquely shaped and uniquely coloured. I mean, I’ve talked a little bit about it on this blog, but I’ve never discussed or shown any features of it because internet security is important to me. She clearly doesn’t give a fuck about internet security.

I’m torn. On the one hand, she’s a fucking idiot. She’s essentially giving away her location to anyone on the internet who wants it. Our homes are so unique on the outside that it really wouldn’t take long to find them on google at all. On the other hand, if she wants to bait stalkers, that’s her problem?

I’m just annoyed that someone is showcasing our neighbourhood all willy-nilly on YouTube. Initially, I contemplated talking to her about it. But, part of me knows that stupid is as stupid does and changing her mind probably won’t happen. Another part of me just thinks I should ignore it because she hasn’t actually shown my specific house. (She lives on the other side of the block)

Stupid people.

I hate them.

I watched a couple of her videos after my friend sent me the one. Her videos are annoying and stupid. She’s just the type of person to either live in oblivion for the rest of her life, or magically catch the YouTube algorithm one day and skyrocket into a world of vapid consumerism.

Word to the wise… whether you have 10 people who see your content or 1,000,000… don’t show where you live. Just don’t do it. You don’t know if the people viewing your content are normal folk who wouldn’t care, or a creepy stalker who’s capable of showing up at your front door. Don’t be an idiot.

Alexa, why can’t I get my shit together?

Spoiler alert: Alexa doesn’t know.

I really need to get my car serviced. Have I done it? No. Have I even called to book an appointment? No. Have I even considered calling? No.

I really need to do my taxes. Have I even started? No.

I really need to do a lot of things that I haven’t done, or even started, or even considered starting. I should really just change my first name to ‘Procrastination’. It would suit me at this stage of life.

I have a meeting at 10:00 that I haven’t prepared for. Am I going to prepare? Not really.

Hey, what are grits? Is it like potatoes that people eat for breakfast?

I’m taking bets on what time the Amazon delivery driver gets here today. (Don’t shame me for purchasing from Amazon. Until I get a vaccine, I’m not shopping in stores. It just seems like unnecessary risk. Especially in this city)

Speaking of vaccines… the province has changed the schedule for vaccines and are now suggesting that everyone who wants one could have their first dose by the end of June. Of course to do this, they’re extending the time between the two shots to four months. But, if I could get myself a vaccine, I’d be a happy camper. You know how people used to wait outside for weeks on end for things like Iphone releases back in the early 2000’s? I would totally camp outside for a week if it meant I could get the vaccine before the end of June.

Realistically, I should’ve named this post ‘I didn’t sleep last night’. That would’ve made more sense.

Alas, here we are. Alexa, why can’t I get my shit together?

Corporate Poaching

A new start-up has been systematically poaching the best employees from my company recently. It has been interesting watching this unfold. Management is… crumbling. They’re trying to hide it but they’re definitely stressed to the max.

This is a new experience for me. I’ve never worked in an industry in which poaching happened. In my previous work people were either fired for incompetence, criminal negligence or general stupidity. People leaving, resigning, willingly… because they were poached to a start-up that isn’t even public yet, it’s interesting to watch. The shape of the entire company is changing right in front of my eyes.

Boring life things

I bought stocks today.

I don’t think this is anything that’s going to make me rich any time soon. But, you know, I’m learning something new. That’s exciting to me, both for the new knowledge I am gaining, and also, that I’m in a place where I can financially do this. It’s a nice feeling. I’ve spent so long of my life being worried about money that having a few extra dollars to ‘play with’ so to speak, it feels freeing.

In other news, we’re in that awkward stage in Canada where the weather gods cannot decide if it’s winter or spring. Yesterday it was +9 and sunny and beautiful. Today it’s -6 and snowing. If the weather gods are listening, I would love spring. I would love, love, love spring. I’m ready for sunny days and warmer weather. I am ready for adventures into the mountains where I don’t have to wear four layers of clothing to stay warm.

Come at me, spring. I dare you.

In absolutely unrelated news, I’ve been invited to Colorado in September for a work-related event. They keep asking me to confirm attendance, I think because the vaccine roll out is going much faster in the United States than in Canada. Truthfully, I don’t know that I’ll be vaccinated by then. I wish I could turn around and say ‘Red Rocks here we come!’ I guess we’ll have to wait and see.