Thrift Haul – March 17

I’ve been visiting the Thrift Stores often lately. I don’t know what it is about wandering the aisles looking for hidden gems, but it has been calming me. Somehow, I feel as though I am cheating the system… but in a good way.

There’s a lot of benefits to shopping at the Thrift Store:

  • You are not contributing to fast fashion – trendy items that are created quickly, sold at overly high prices and wind up in the trash (or thrift stores) at the end of each season when new trends come out.
  • Quite often you can find things that are still brand new with tags on them – and you wind up paying a much cheaper price than the store tags when you buy them at a thrift store
  • Vintage is badass
  • You will find clothing, accessories, etc… that are quite often one(or few) of a kind, so no one else you know will have what you have.

I could go on and on about it. Bottom line is that I really like Thrift Stores, the thrill of the hunt and having a bomb wardrobe for a fraction of the price of what it would cost if I went to the mall.

Without further adieu, here’s what I picked up:

Vintage Men’s Levi’s Jeans

There’s a Youtube Channel that I watch called ‘Haley’s Corner’ in which she frequently picks up men’s Levi’s from the Thrift Store to wear as ‘Boyfriend Jeans’ and they look so good on her, I thought I needed to try. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about the look on my body. Cost: $6.00

Men’s True Religion Jeans

True Religion jeans are EXPENSIVEEEEEEEEEE. Finding them at the Thrift Store, I thought – I’m just going to see if I can sell these online. They’re a little bit of a different look with the light wash and dark stitching, but it’s kind of cool. I will be trying to sell these online – wish me luck! Cost: $6.00

Women’s True Religion Jeans

Again, to reiterate why I purchased the last pair, True Religion Jeans are expensive! I’ve heard there are a lot of ‘knock offs’ out there, so I did my research online to check if these were authentic before purchasing, and they absolutely are! They have all the notes of authenticity to them and they’re in amazing condition. Cost: $6.00

Ecko Unltd Tee

Honestly, I love over-sized tees for sleeping in. This shirt, when I found it, I couldn’t pass up. It’s just the most majestic colour of blue – the photo doesn’t even really do it justice. I’m also really into the ‘massive logo on the front’ look right now and this one felt in such good condition, I had to purchase it. Cost: $1.00

Baby Gap Hoodies

These ones have been through the dryer a few times and have a little bit of pilling on them – but I honestly don’t think my brother’s babies are going to care! I mean… they’re so stinking cute, how could I pass them up? Besides, babies grow out of things so quickly, they’ll wear it long enough to look cute and then it’ll be passed along for bigger clothing. So I’d rather pay $1.00 for it at the Thrift Store then the $35 that Gap is selling them brand new for. Cost: $2.00 ($1 each)

If you have a Thrift Store near you, I encourage you to wander in there one day and take a look around. You never know what you might find. And, like my mom always says – something doesn’t have to be brand new to be exactly what you need in your life.